I. Stating the obvious here but ...
You MUST be a fan of the book before you join the fanlisting for that book.

II. You MUST include your name (full or partial) and your country.

III. You MUST have a valid email address in order to join the fanlist. (Necessary in case I need to contact you about your listing or to confirm changes.) I don't believe in feeding the spammers; therefore, your email address will not be shown on the fanlisting nor is it shared with third parties.

IV. You do NOT have to have a web site to join nor is linking back a requirement if you want to have your URL shown on this FL (it's optional!) If you do have a web page/web site, please consider linking back to this fanlisting using one of the codes provided. NOTE: porn/hate/racist sites will NOT be listed.

NOTE: If you ever need to update your info, just find your name in the fanlist and click on the next to it to bring up the EDIT form.

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