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to the TFL-approved fanlisting for the character Sir Anthony Strallan (played by actor Robert Bathurst) from the ITV/PBS television series Downton Abbey.

Who is Sir Anthony Strallan? He is a member of the landed gentry in Yorkshire and a neighbor of the Earl and Countess of Grantham plus the rest of the Crawley family that reside at Downton Abbey. He is an easygoing, kind, and polite gentleman who has been a widower for a number of years after the passing of his wife, Maud. Sir Anthony had a romantic interest in the middle Crawley daughter, Lady Edith, and was going to propose marriage at the garden party (at the end of season one) before her older sister, Lady Mary, in a moment of spite, led Sir Anthony to believe that Edith did not love him. Sir Anthony was injured by a bullet during the First World War and lost the use of his arm. After the war (at the end of season two), a more mature and confident Edith attempted to strike up a relationship with him again. Although Sir Anthony now understood that Mary had lied to him about Edith's feelings, he unsuccessfully tried to convince Edith (and himself) that he's far too old for her and needs a nurse instead of a wife. It remains to be seen (in upcoming episodes) if he will realize they are perfect for each other. Keep fingers crossed!

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