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A Riegsecker United States www The word "Sassanach" makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :-)
A. Forbes New Zealand www Awesome! Couldn't put any of the down!
Adair Canada www Love each and every one of them.
Adam Belgium www he's hot
Adella Hoffman United States www Oh my gawd, where do I begin. I love, love, love these books. I have been on an emotional rollercoaster reading these!
Adenia United States www  
Adenia United States www Jamie & Claire are apart of my heart.
Adriana Brazil www Jamie is the dream of any woman, handsome, smart, strong and a very kind man!
Adriana Australia www Upon discovering the character of Jamie Fraser I found what Mr Right should encapsulate
Adrienne Fenton Canada www  
Afsheen Hussain Canada www Love him!!
aga Germany www  
Agata Scheffers Netherlands www We're all in love with Jamie
Agata Poland www Jamie is the man of my life... I'll never fall in love again :(
Agnieszka Poland www  
Aimee Corbin United States www  
Aimee McLaughlin United States www  
Aisling New Zealand www Love Jamie *sigh* Love the Books (although the frist is called "Crosstich" not Outlander here) I am reading it again for the umpteenth time
Aja United States www  
Aki Argentina www A great character for a great book
Aktarus Italy www something not to miss
alex United States www great series. i like the action the best
Alex Lego Canada www simply awesome !
Alexandra Eichfelder Germany www  
Alexandra L United States www I keep getting warm fuzzies in my stomach when I think of Jamie :-)
Alexandra P. Canada www I wish he was real!
Alexandra Walter Germany www more,more!!!!
Alexandra Zerbe Germany www  
Alexandra Czech Republic www The most fav story and books characters, I am almost in love with them all...
Alexandra Portugal www  
AlexandraC United States www  
Alexandrea Hartling Canada www Jamie is soooooo effin hot : ) a ha
Alexis United States www They are awesome.....and great to learn more words in this world
ali United States www Love all the books! Waiting on the next ones.
Ali Germany www  
Alice Ferderber United States www  
Alicia Chapman United States www I cannot read any other books now...nothing compares to the story of Jamie and Claire!
alicia lloyd Canada www I love Jamie and Claire, I'm also a huge fan of John Grey and Roger. I'm rereading the series over again.
Alicia W Canada www Jamie is absolutely perfect, he makes my heart melt :)
Alicia United States www Jamie proves that chivalry is not completely dead!
Alicia Canada www Jamie Fraser Rocks!
Alicja Poland www  
Alina Netherlands www  
Aline France, Metropolitan www He's the most marvellous man...I WANT TO FIND THE SAME!
Alisha-Lee Walker Canada www Outlander Sexy...this is my group's moto (our group of two)
alison gillis Canada www loved all books
alison United Kingdom www addicitve
alissa Australia www He can leave his shoe's under my bed anytime:)
Alisson Goldberg United States www Is it hot in here or is it just me??
Allie Kurschner United States www  
Allison Cunningham United States www  
Allison Keaney United States www These are the best books ever!
Allison McQueen United Kingdom www  
Allison Moraitakis United States www  
Allison United States www I fell in love with Jamie and this series by accident and it has changed my life.
Ally G. Austria www It is very engaging. I haven't stopped reading ine book or the other since I first discovered them 2 years ago.
Allysien United States www AMAZING!
Alysha Renee United States www C'est amour ... meow!
Alysha Canada www  
Alyssa United States www I had a dream about him last night and I told him the line "If I was a horse I'd let him ride me anywhere"
Alyssa Wilson United States www I may only be seventeen, but I know a perfect man when I see one!
Amamda United States www  
Amanda Fix United States www a journey that i love to take over and over again
Amanda Ford Australia www The BEST series I have ever read!!!!
Amanda K. United States www I love these books. Jamie's character has the ability to make me want to laugh, cry, and sometimes an interseting combination of the two.
Amanda Liverett United States www  
Amanda Lyday United States www  
Amanda McComas United States www I am a huge fan of the Outlander, and love Claire and Jamie.
Amanda Sheppard United States www I've seen the list of who might play him in the TV movie series. Are any of them even Scottish? Should they not have a real Scottsman play him?
Amanda Taylor United Kingdom www  
Amanda Vincent United States www I think the books are very well researched and the characters are amazingly realistic given the premise of the story.
Amanda United States www The best books I've EVER read!
Amanda United States www This series catapulted me into a mystifiying world that I never imagined possible. Diana Gabaldon is a truely inspiring author.
Amanda United States www  
Amanda United States www Had Jamie Fraser been more than a fictious character, he would be the only man I would leave my dear husband for! ...and I do love my husband!
Amanda Canada www Jamie...sigh...
amber United States www  
Amber Kian Germany www This book was so great, it's my favourite book! I love him. Jamie was my perfect man...
Amber Spacht United States www Unbelievable. Not only great stories, but have helped me to understand more about my Scottish ancestory. Thank you!
Amber United States www  
America Acevedo United States www I am simply addicted to history and Jaime.
Amy United States www  
Amy Heebner United States www  
Amy Isleb United States www  
Amy Price United States www  
Amy Ranf United States www  
Amy S United States www  
Amy Sarah United States www Not only have never stopped reading the series. Its close to 3 years now, I also spent a week last year roming the highlands.
Amy United Kingdom www I am in love with Jamie Fraser, I'm reading The Fiery Cross at the moment and I'm finding it hard to get into, did anyone else have trouble? Lol.
Amy United States www Excellent historical novels!
Amy United States www I'm in love with Jamie!
Amy Canada www Breathtaking...the urge to go to Scotland and find me a highlander named Jamie is overwhelming...
ana buenda Spain www  
Ana Calvillo Campano Spain www  
Ana I Hart United States www "Jamie Fraser" should be listed in all English dictionaries as the true definition of the word "man". He makes me want to pack up and move to Scotland
Ana I Hart United States www The perfect man!
Ana Salomn Spain www impresive,
Ana Spain www  
ana Spain www  
Anastasia United States www  
Andi Urban United States www I miss Jamie like a member of the family when I'm not reading one of DG's books
andre cecile France www  
Andrea Kunfermann Switzerland www  
Andrea Rodriguez Argentina www I just LOVE IT!
andrea swennumson United States www I am obsessed
Andrea Germany www  
Andrea United States www I love Jamie Fraser!!!
Andrea United States www I just read Outlander for the first time and fell in love!!!
andrea Spain www  
Andreane Fraser Canada www He's just dreamy...
andrew stewart United States www jamie kicks ass
Anetna Germany www awesome!!!
Angel Darlin United States www I just couldn't put them down.
Angel Louden United States www I am a big fan of Jamie's. He is described as the spitten image of my husband. I feel like I could fall in love with him instead.
Angela Bottega United States www Suffice to say, I think I'm in love. ;)
Angela Harness United States www I'm sure that this has been said many times, but Jamie Fraser is awesome!
Angela Hille United States www The perfect man/ the best books I've ever read
Angela Ieli United States www I am hopelessly addicted!
Angela Kendrick Germany www I love Jamie, I think he is the most honourable and wonderful man.
Angela Klassen Canada www Outstanding....I've read countless books, but none have moved me like this incredible series!!! and Jamie Fraser, what i'd give for a man like him!
Angela Klassen Canada www  
Angela Severn United Kingdom www  
Angela Snyder Canada www The character Jamie Fraser has made me expect more from men in general. Gabaldon created a character so real and sincere.
Angela Snyder Canada www  
angela Canada www I started reading this series when i was Sixteen , next week i turn 30, they'll forever be my fave, fantasy doesn't get any better
Angela United States www My favorites!
Angela United Kingdom www I totally love Jamie Fraser, I have almost finished a dragonfly in amber. What wonderful books!
ANGELES Argentina www Es el personaje ms increble y real que se ha creado en una novela de aventuras y romance, para mi es una persona real,
Angelheart Germany www I love all the books! and jamie ... ;)
Angelia Wilson United States www My absolute all time favorite!
angelica Italy www the series of books is very fantastic !!!!!!
Angelika Schlsser Germany www Wild Man!!!
Angeline Lawson South Africa www The best way to escape from real life
Angelique Nye Australia www Perfect!
angi Canada www Best series ever
Angi United States www Love, Love, Love these books...and Jamie, of course!
angie United States www Knocked me out, have never seen a character quite like Jaime.
Anglique Haman Canada www I've never dream about a guy in a book before!
Anika Germany www jamie is my dream man :) but he is not real!!!
Anja Germany www  
Anja Germany www i could never stop reading them!
Ann Marie Mizzi Malta www  
Ann-Katrin Becker Germany www I Love him! :-)
Anna Degerman Finland www This Diana Gabaldons idea of love that lasts for centurys is so true! I knove it personally. This is brilliant!
Anna Fox United States www The sexiest, most sensitive, hairy redhead Ive ever had the pleasure to read about!
Anna Groneberg Germany www  
Anna Maria Acosta United States www An honorable, compassionate, intelligent, strong man.
Anna Oksman Sweden www  
Anna Piper Canada www  
Anna Schepis United States www  
Anna Schrauder Germany www Where can I find a man like Jamie?
Anna Schwartz United States www Best series and character I've ever read!
Anna Volkmann Sweden www Wish I could be Claire... :o)
anna United States www Jamie and Claire Fraser improve my quality of life!
Anna Ireland www Ever since I started reading OUTLANDER I've been a fan of Jamie and would take Claire's place anytime!!!
Anna United States www Jamie is soooo hot i wold do him anytime
anna United States www wow, i'm in love.
anna Germany www Ive given up all hope to find the perfect man since I know he is just there. Nobody can be better than Jamie
AnnA Germany www Wow!
anna United States www I have loved Jamie's character since the inute my friend introduced me to the books!!!
Annalena Eriksson Sweden www Entertaining, a perfect escape from reality - we all need that sometimes. At the same time it's nice to read books where a woman tells the story...
Annamaria Italy www  
Anne United States www The Perfect man!
Anne Canada www  
Anne Burdorff United States www He's what every man should be!!
anne c France www  
Anne Easton United States www I immidiately fell in love with Jamie Fraser when reading Outlander.
Anne Kennington Australia www The best I have ever read. Jamie almost exists as a real person for me. There is no-one like him. He is adored.
Anne Kuiper Netherlands www  
Anne L. Germany www can't stop reading about his fate... <3
Anne MacFuller Germany www Jamie is the man of my dreams. Strong, brave,lovely and sexy
Anne Neumann Germany www  
anne-so Canada www  
Anne United States www Jamie Fraser has completely reset my reshaped my thinking about the "perfect" man!
Anneli Poch Germany www My boyfreind should be more like Jamie!
annelies graf United States www  
Annette Follett Canada www just in love with the writing..and the characters of course ;)
Annette Nybruket Norway www I love the Outlanders series.
Annette United Kingdom www  
Annica Sweden www  
Annie Ji Young Yoo United States www  
Annie McShane United States www Have never read a story so in depth! Diana's depiction of Jamie's Character seems only truly believable in our Dreams! Can't get enough Jamie Fraser!
Annie Canada www MARRY ME JAMIE!!
Annie Canada www This series is absolutly wonderful and magic, love it
Annie Germany www Doesn't everyone wish that there would be a Jamie for all of us? ;) Greatest books I've ever read!!!
annika schmidt Germany www  
Annika Germany www just breathtaking
Antonia Germany www He's the man of my dreams...
Anu-Mari Finland www It is amazing that someone can write stories like this!
Anu Finland www I just read the two first ones and fell in love in Jamie! I must read the rest 3 as soon as possible
anya Spain www  
APPOLYMI Poland www I love jamie & claire
april hemeyer United States www  
April Lawton Canada www I am in love with Jamie Fraser. Dear God up above.
April United States www  
Arianna Italy www jamie HOT and sexy but he is also sweet and romantica full of love...the perfect man
Arlene Edwards United States www The best books I've ever read-over and over and over
ARLENE GROVES United States www  
armie United States www he is a keeper!
Ashala Canada www Oh so very obsessed with Jamie! Je suis prest, indeed.
Ashleigh United States www I AM SO IN LOVE!!! My husband teases me about my boyfriend Jamie!
ashley cairns Canada www  
Ashley Miller United States www Jamie is the most amazing human being....I want one
Ashley Canada www I love Outlander!
ashna Canada www He makes me feel warm and fuzzy.
Astrid Baur Germany www  
Astrid Linke Germany www jamie is how a man should be
Athena Nagel United States www  
Autumn Canada www I don't think I will ever stop reading this series. Not found my Jamie yet either.
Ava Whitman United States www Every woman should have Jamie in her life!
Avallach Germany www great !
avregeasyguy United States www  
ayira angeles Panama www  
Azucena Holmes Mexico www  
Anhoa Spain www Just read the books to know what to be in love is.
B. Ladnier United States www Jamie is the hottest character I have ever read about, he is as real to me as my husband!
Babs Germany www He's simply gorgeous, isn't he?!
Bai Fatimah Mylene D. Abdullah Philippines www I LOVE THIS ROMANTIC GUY!!! (My bf doesnt know about this) If i cant be Claire, i'd die just to be William's mother!
Bailee Germany www  
Barb Berge United States www  
Barb Laureys United States www  
Barbara United States www Awesome
barbara bruynseels Belgium www they represent the deapest wishes of my heart
Barbara Ellen Davies United Kingdom www I was blown away by Crosstitch and just had to read the rest of the series. Is it normal to fall in love with a fictitous character?!
Barbara Musil United States www They are incredible - I love the relationship between Jamie & Claire
Barbara United States www Jamie is the perfect man
Barbara United Kingdom www Love the books...A bit smitten with Jamie!!!...
barbara Poland www wonderful
Barbara United States www  
Barbara Canada www just finishing dragonfly in amber and i am totally in awe of jamie fraser .. going to have my copy of breath of snow and ashes signed on friday
Barbara Germany www  
Barbie Morris United States www  
Bea Spain www  
Beatrice Australia www I think he is gorgeous! :0
Beatriz R.C. Spain www I like how he can be a hero but at the same time, being afraid; tought but sweet and caring; how he always bounces back no matter what happens to him.
Beatriz Spain www leave you wordless and breathless
Becca H United Kingdom www Fell completely in love with the books and with Jamie. If only he were real *sigh*
Becca Canada www  
Becky H United States www Would love to have met him!
Becky United States www Where are the men like Jamie??
Beequeen United States www  
Beibhinn United States www I found these amazing books on tape at my local public library. My daughter and I love them.
Bella Bailey United States www  
Benita Germany www Jamie is a dream. No - he is MY dream of a man. My heard cracks everytime when I suggest, that he only exists in my mind.
Bernadette Hahn Germany www A book to hide from reality
Beth D United States www I have reread the series numerous times and love it more with each read!
Beth Gibson United States www Jamie and Claire - a true love story.
Beth N United States www There can never be enough......."g"
beth white United States www  
Beth Winfrey United States www excellent story about two strong individuals that shared true love and really knew each other. WHERE'S THE NEXT ONE?
Beth United States www  
Beth United States www The best fictional series I have ever read
Beth Canada www Jamie is the perfect man.
Beth United States www  
beth United States www  
Bethanie Dollar United States www After reading Outlander, I've not stopped dreaming about Jamie...or wishing there were more men like him in the 21st century!
Bethany New Zealand www Ever since reading Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series, no book (or man) could ever compare! *dreamy sigh*
Bettie United States www He is every woman's dream.
Betty Babb United States www Love the books!
Beverley Pigeau Canada www Jamie is one hot stud muffin
Beverly Crain Marrocco United States www Exciting, educational, with just enough romance; Jamie has a great sense of humor!
Bianca Polonio Carminati Brazil www Wonderful!
Biggi Aretz Germany www I love him!
biggy steffen Luxembourg www  
Birdy United States www The most Honorable, Chivalrous man I've ever met. The books truely make me feel like I've stepped into the 18th century with the characters!
Birgit Vanspauwen Belgium www  
Bithya Switzerland www  
BLANCHARD Anne France www I want a man just like him.....
Blonnda United States www love them and Jamie!!I love these books so much that when I get someone to read them I expect a thank you in return!
Bobbie United Kingdom www Jamie is the perfect man.
bobbie United States www Love everyone of them could read time and again never get tired of them
Bonnie Allen United States www Wow...I read alot and these books are definately on the top of my list...I love this story! I love Jaime and his love for Claire
Bonnie Fraser United States www Jamie is a combo of a few men in my clan. I see them in everything he does. I love this Wonderful Fraser man
Bonnie Steward United States www Too bad he 's fictional.
Bonnie United States www  
Brady United States www  
brandi foster Canada www need i say more then WOW????
Brandi Canada www  
Branwen Italy www  
breemacroks United States www i'm gutted jamie fraser ain't real:]
BreeWest United States www  
Brega Canada www  
Brenda Duffy Ireland www  
brenda hanson Canada www best books i have ever read and i have read 1000's
Brenda Hawkins United States www The perfect man...
Brenda J. Smith United States www I read from the first thru the newest when one comes out.
Brenda Norton United States www In love with the man.
Brenda Smith United States www Best series ever written. Claire needs to find a way to take Jamie to the future!
Brenda Smith United States www I scoffed at the idea of time travel until I read the first of this series. Now I have a FIRM rule, I read all the other books before the new one!
Brenda United States www I'm on my third reading. Love 'em.
Brenda United States www  
Brenda Canada www The most man ever written into one character!
Brenna Sisson United States www I love you Jamie!!!!
Brett United States www  
Brian Heater United States www Read 1st 5, waiting for #6! How about a feature film with Liam Neeson as Jamie? He made a great Rob Roy!
Brittany United States www So much love, even if the books do endlessly break my heart.
Bronte United States www I can he's oot there
Brooke M. United States www I wish he was real. He's the perfect man! :o)
Brooke United States www  
Bruna Viterbo Brazil www What can I say? Jamie is the best ! Outlander series? Well in Brazil there's only the first and second.but I loove !
Brbara Argentina www I love him. Hes the perfect man.
C. Luczak Canada www I cannot put them down Have been reading non stop for almost 6 months straight. Do you think I may be an addict?? HAHA! I know I am.
Caitlin Deamude Canada www  
Caitlin McNamara United States www  
Caitlin Taylor Canada www  
Camilla Kmpel Sweden www Absolut bst!
Camilla Sweden www He's the man of my dreams, of my life, God if I could meet you.....
Camille Jovanna Zelaya United States www The way they describe him makes me want to me him myself.
Campbell United States www What a character, I am love with him and his noble thinking.
Campbell United States www  
Candi ONeill United States www Jamie is a fantastic character in the series.
Candy Spiers United States www Lovelovelovelove Jamie!
cara mitchell United Kingdom www  
Cara Piazza United States www I love JAMMF
carambolage Germany www  
caren hess United States www Luceo non Uro
Cari Hunnicutt United States www  
Carina Ribeiro Portugal www "it's a kind of magic" reading the book. i was sad when i ended.
carissa United States www  
Carla Meuth United States www He is one of the most colorful, real characters I have ever come across. He is a cross between Clark Gable, John Wayne and Sean Connery.
Carla S Canada www Jamie and Claire have stolen my heart forever
Carla Canada www  
Carly United States www  
Carmela Doctor Canada www love them....& love the characters.
Carmela Italy www i love Jamie, i love Claire.. i'm in love with all the saga...
Carmen Keller United States www  
Carmen Paula Spain www I love the story and I love him!!!
Carmen Spain www  
Carol Australia www I have been reading the Outlander series for a while now and cant wait for the 8 book to come out
Carol Aissa United States www  
Carol Chauvin United States www  
Carol Clayton United States www  
Carol LeFort Canada www Jamie Fraser is a man who is easy to fall in LOVE with...ask anyone who reads these books! I'm very lucky because he reminds me of my own Jamie.
Carol Lynn United States www Why can't every man be like Jamie??
Carol Webster Australia www Absolutely loving reading all about Jamie! Up to number 3
Carol-Ann Dawson United Kingdom www I cannot stop reading the books. I am a new fan and am just going through the second book in the series. Cannot wit to read them all.
Carol Canada www cannot put these books down...he has captured my heart as though he were real...
Carola Tuokko Finland www I just love them. Only four translated into Finnish yet so ia have a lot to look forward to!
Carole Banks United States www can't stop reading
carole France www fantastic
Carolin Mller Germany www  
Carolina Spain www  
Carolina Argentina www amazingly
Carolina Italy www jamie is the man i met in my previous life...
carolina Colombia www i love jamie fraser
Caroline Pitzer Germany www I think of printing the logo on an adhesive transparancy film to put it on the back of my car... I am addicted! :-) Warm regards, Caroline
caroline Canada www  
CarolM United States www  
Carolyn Hieb United States www Charismatic, Loving, Faithful - Beautiful and Masculine to the Core
Carolyn Taberner United States www Just started to read the series. Falling in love with all the characters.
carolyn Canada www  
carrie United States www  
Carrie United States www Jamie...the perfect man...I'm so glad there are others like me out there!
Carrie B United States www  
Carrie Bell United Kingdom www If only Jamie were flesh and blood! I would follow him anywhere.
carrie hayes United States www  
Carrie Merrick United States www Jamie is my favorite book character. I fell in love with Outlander books.
Carrie Monroe United States www  
Carrie United States www  
Carron Sass New Zealand www I've read the first, started the second and haven't slept for days. I've never been so engrossed in a book before. Anre.
Cartina Germany www wel.. how bout: heavenly?
casandra orner United States www  
casandra orner United States www i have never read a book but the i picked up outlander....was my moms book...and started to read and couldnt put it down and now im on the second book
Casey United States www I only wish it were me...
Cassandra Armando Sweden www Jamie is the number one hero. He's the man all women are looking for. Claire and Jamies love story will live on in my mind forever!
Cassandra Canada www "Did it hurt Jamie?" :D
Cassandra Canada www Jamie is the perfect man!
Cassie McAlister United States www Several of my friends and I are all enjoying the Outlander series now...and we're all in love with Jamie!
CassieJean Germany www  
Cat United States www I fell in love with these books and Jamie himself. He truly is a good man. ^^
Catharine Davies United States www These books changed my life (and my husband's!)
Catherine Brunelle Canada www I'm smitten.
Catherine K United States www  
Catherine Loeffler United States www Love 'em
Catherine Rhees (Anderson Clan) United States www I'm absolutely speechless. Where can I find him?
cathleen fenyak United States www  
Cathy Bazaure United States www  
Cathy Smith United States www I am in love with Jamie Fraser!
Cathy United States www Greatest love story ever written. The fantasy element isn't the time's Jamie himself.
Cathy United States www He has done amazing things for my marriage
Catie Canada www  
Catrine Sweden www  
CEC United States www Has anyone found the Dr. Who episode with the Scot that inspired Jamie?
Ceci United States www  
Cecile Sheff Canada www I am currently reading Voyager and I have never been so addicted to a series of books or to a character before. I can't put them down!
Cecilia Sweden www  
Celia Australia www  
Celia Australia www What a guy! I would have gone back too!
CELINE A France www  
Celine Canada www I am truly in love with these series. It's almost like they were made for me!
Celynne Ph. Canada www I am completely obsessed with Jamie Fraser! From the first time I read the books I knew I was in love!
centim Germany www  
Chaiya Mohanty Ortiz United States www God, what a man! Why can't I find some standing stones?
Chantal Canada www  
Chantal Switzerland www it is the greatest book i have ever read
Chantel pearson Canada www Best series ever! Jamie Fraser is a sex god!
char brown United States www jamie is the perfect male specimen. I am currently in the process of reading the series for the second time around.
Char United States www I can't put these books down.
Charity Trissel United States www  
Charlene Tingley United States www  
Charmaine United States www I love that the characters are so complex -- I especially like that Galbadon shows that passion and love are not only for the young.
Chelsi Canada www just glad to know that I am not alone in my love of these books, or a freak for re-reading them a dozen or more times!
Cheryl United States www The very best I have ever read. This character intrigues me and leaves me wanting more.
Cheryl Mitchell Canada www  
Cheryl Olson Canada www hunka hunka burnin love
Cheryl Sovern United States www I began reading this books at a young age. I became completely addicted!! I didn't know it was possible to "fall" for a fictional character!!!
Cheryl Stokes-Young United States www I'm on my 4th reading of the series. I cannot wait for the next book to come out and see how she handles the death (?) of Jamie and his resurrection
Cheryl United States www  
Cheryl United States www What a guy! great storys great reading!
Chiara Italy www Jamie is unforgettable
chiara Italy www i love jamie...
Chloe Woods United Kingdom www  
Chlo Giard-Montpetit Canada www Jamie is so perfect! I could pass my life to read Outlander series of books. Those are the best books I've ever read in my life!!!
Chris Fleck New Zealand www  
Chris Long United States www  
christel schaeffer Austria www  
Christina Allison United States www Jamie is the man of every woman's fantasies! I read these books over and over again. I'm on my 4th copy of the Outlander!
Christina Ceridwen Dewens Pedersen Sweden www He has captured my heart and my soul! ;)
Christina DeCurtis Canada www I'm in love with Jamie. Along with half the world!
Christina Gerhardus Germany www beautiful
Christina Greenough United States www Nothing has ever come close to surpassing this series as my all time favorite.
Christina Knorr Germany www made me go to scotland on a quest for stone circles!
christina moody United Kingdom www  
Christina Ostreim United States www  
Christine Canada www I've never been so entranced by a book series! The characters are so real; I feel as if I know them - and wish I did!
Christine Australia www I love to loose myself in these stories!
Christine Buchholz Germany www Wonderful-what a man!!!!!
Christine Crombie United Kingdom www I have never been affected by a fictional character the way i have been affected by the lovley Mr Fraser
Christine Nicholson United States www The books are fantastic historically and romantically. If only there were more Jamie Frasers in the world.
christine pefani Greece www IT'S JUST THE PERFECT MAN FROM THE PERFECT COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!
Christine Pouliot Canada www  
christine Austria www  
Christine Switzerland www absolut geili becher!
Christine Philippines www  
Christine United States www Jamie Fraser is the perfect man.
Christine Germany www  
Christy Edmonds United States www  
Christy United States www  
Cindy Flynn United States www  
Cindy Fraser Australia www Totally consumed me, Love the man....
Cindy Gillins United States www How could you not fall in love with all of these characters??!!
Cindy Haley United States www It's almost hard to describe my obsession-I want it to continue, put one down, pick the next one up!
Cindy Kirmes Germany www awesome! wish to be there, to be claire, a dream
Cindy Lavender United States www The most incredible journey of love I have ever read...
Cindy Poland Canada www  
Cindy Smith United States www  
Cindy Taylor United States www he is my vision of the perfect man. In fact I am rereading the Outlander series again for the third time while I wait for the final book.
Cindy V. United States www I just finished reading Outlander for the first time; I feel deeply in Love with Jamie....Sigh!!
Cindy Weaver United States www I loved the books so much I even went to Scotland on my honeymoon.
cindy United States www  
Cindy United States www I found an actor to play Jamie Fraser - Taylor Kitsh
cinzia Italy www simply fantastic. look forward to the next one
CINZIA Italy www Jamie Fraser ... mi ha stregato!
Cisca Knijn Netherlands www  
Clair United States www The most sexy, intelligent, and heroic character I've ever read. Jamie-n-Claire's timeless relationship is just amazing!
Claire A. United States www All men should read this series to know HOW to be a true Man
Claire Behr United Kingdom www Jamie is everything u could want in a man - in the 17th century! Not sure how he would cope nowdays! The books are just briliant. waiting 4 next 1!
Claire Gray South Africa www How could one not fall hopelessly in love with Jamie!
Claire Hohorst Garcia United States www  
Claire St-Vincent Canada www Jamie is the man for every woman!
claire Australia www just about the most brilliant thing i have ever read
Clare Hilton Australia www Love Jamie!! My books just about worn out cant wait for next in series!!
Clare Lagiewski United States www Jamie is THE MAN! I can't stop rereading the series.
Claudia List Germany www  
Claudia Prohaska Austria www I love the story about Jamie. I'm a very big Fan from him
Claudia Roccabella Italy www  
Claudine Germany www Why does this man not really exist ? Id marry him on the spot *g*
Colette Australia www Love these books, can't stop re-reading them! The best love story ever!!!! Mystical, romantic, history, no other books measure up to this series.
Colleen Carroll Canada www Outstanding!!!!!!!!!
Colleen Gorman-Sage United States www  
Colleen Malone United States www  
Colleen United States www Jamie will forever have a place in my heart - he never leaves!
Collette United States www  
Conni Germany www He's simply the best !
Conni Germany www he is unbelievable.....
connie jones United States www What a wonderful charechter
constance United States www  
Coppelia Peterson United States www I have fallen in love with "My JAMIE" He is all that I want in a ficticous lover! He is so addicting and mysterious!
Cory United States www I always forget that Jamie has red hair, why?
Courtney Eagle United States www  
Courtney L United States www I'm new to the series, but i couldn't put the books down!!
Courtney Canada www I love the Outlander series and my website is dedicated to it!
Cristina Coleman United States www  
Cristina H United States www What a man!!!!!!!!!!
Cristina Canada www I've succumbed to the Jamie phenomenon!!!!
Cristina Canada www  
Cristina Canada www He's the one , the perfect man, She's the one the perfect author
cristy Canada www  
crystal barth United States www  
crystal barth United States www i love them
crystal lennon United States www  
crystal Canada www i love the series
cueldalie France, Metropolitan www  
Cyllygirl United States www These are by far the BEST historical time travel books that I've ever read. I've read them all about 100 times!
Cyndee United States www If only there were a real life James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, then life would be perfect ;)
Cynthia Wirtz United States www bought outlander as a fluke and have been reading and rereading the entire series for 13 years.
cynthia United States www I was so sad when I finished the last book. :-(
Cynthia Canada www wow!!!!;-)
Cynthia Canada www  
D. Diaz Canada www It is very comforting to know that there are others who consider honour to be a meaningful driving force and a basis on making decisions in my life -
Daena Rosemarie Jordan United States www I am in search of my own Jamie Fraser! I am both fascinated and amazed that author D.G. was able to create my ideal male with ink and paper. Cheers!
Daire United States www Still looking for my Jamie!
Daisy Philippines www I didn't want to be, but I was hooked! Against my will. Och!
DamaVerde Italy www I just love Jamie!!
Damia France, Metropolitan www  
Dana Brodie Canada www  
Dana Holmberg United States www I started the series with Breath of Snow and Ashes. My husband informed me it was part of a series, and am now on my third reading.
Dana Meyer United States www  
Dana Razza United States www  
dani Germany www I agree with all of what is already said and I know he's out there somewhere...!
Daniela Italy www Jamie captured my mind and conquered my heart
daniela Italy www simply great
Danielle Calene Buttler Chaney United States www I've always wanted a man like Jamie, strong, scottish, red hair, a wrrior.... I love the way Jamie is portrayed!
Danielle Dearing United States www  
Danielle Fraser United States www I can't stop reading!
Danielle Gale Canada www  
Danielle Myers United States www Jamie is ideal in every respect: smart, sensible, handsome, a good husband, and a loving father.
Dante Milano Germany www I like this character so much! Reading DG is like living with Jamie on person
darby vandrick Canada www this man is intoxicating
Daria Germany www We all love Jamie!!
Darlene Barrett Canada www Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Darlene Herrick United States www  
Darlene Richardson United States www Isn't every woman who's ever read these books now looking for Jamie in real life?
Darlene United States www I've just become a new fan of Jamie. He's what every man on this earth should be. I love this man. I want to go to Scotland to find my Jamie Fraser.
darlene United States www I love them!!!!
Darral Martin Australia www Love the bloke
david United States www I absolutely loved them all.
Dawn Falkner United States www The series is the best I have ever read. It makes you feel like you are there with them through out it all.
Dawn Miller Canada www This book has touched, I should say HIT me in a way I have never been touched. Jamie Fraser is the man I have been looking for, why can't he be real?
Dawn Turner United States www nothing more addicting!
Dawn Australia www I can't put the books down! Jamie's the best!
Dawn Netherlands www I imagine him as a red-haired Hugh Jackman <3
Dayna Shipman United States www  
DaynaMo United States www How can anyone not LOVE Jamie Fraser!
Deanna Marlow United States www I am so in love! I have asked my husband to dye his hair red and put on a plaid!
Deanna McIntyre Canada www Makes me proud to be Scottish
Debbie Gerrard Canada www  
Debbie Holmes United States www I'm almost finished with the last one now - Breath of Snow and Ashes. AI can't wait to see how it ends.
debbie jones United States www  
Debbie P United States www Diana Gabaldon did an awesome job writing these series, and knows the "ideal" fantasy man, Jamie Fraser was my fantasy man ever since book 1!!!
Debbie United States www Jamie and Claire are part of my life.
DEborah Beggs United States www  
Deborah Caudill United States www Jamie is the man!
Deborah Cogan United States www I just started reading the series and I am so in love with his character
Deborah Cogan United States www I love the character of Jamie
Deborah Cogan United States www I am totally in love with Jamie and Claire
deborah fairfull- smith Australia www i love it!! my mother made me read them when i was 17 and i have been hooked ever since. I have now made all of my friends addicts too!!
Deborah Spence Canada www Everytime one of the books ended, I would feel my own painful travel through the stones, back to reality. Can't wait to revisit this fall.
Deborah Spence Canada www Engrossing !!
Deborah United States www  
Deborah United Kingdom www I am completely lost in them
Deborah United States www  
Debra Leclerc United States www  
Deirdre Shaw New Zealand www  
Delia Arteaga Switzerland www love them...
Della LeBlanc United States www What a wonderful series of books. Jamie is every woman's dream.
Delyth Williams United Kingdom www  
demelza dean Australia www I wish he was real
Demonia Canada www sooo cooool
Denise Ashworth United States www He has made my heart wretch with pain, ache with love and break for want
Denise Sims United States www The Outlander series is a world unto itself; a world I wish I could live in.
Denise Sims United States www When I read the Outlander books, I feel as though I am there with Claire and Jamie. I've laughed, chuckled, and wept with them...more please!
Denise Thornington Canada www Claire is one lucky woman!!
Denise United Kingdom www Jamie fraser is the only man for me
Denise United States www Honor, strength of character, principled and heart...all the qualities that every man should have but few barely attain. Jamie is all of that.
Derdriu United States www My most favorite series.
Desley Scott New Zealand www Magic
Dessi Argentina www I'm only reading book 1, but I love it... It's definitely one of the fandoms that won my soul.
Di Prinzio Jessica Belgium www I love Jamie FRaser :p
Di Shaw United States www Husband can't believe any man can live through what Jamie has. Hey but he is a viking type right.
Dia Kline United States www yummy
Diana George United States www I love these books.and have all of them. I can't wait to read the next one.
Diana McNab United States www  
Diana United States www  
Diane Barham United States www I have been in love with Jamie since I read Outlander. I now own all the books and am drooling waiting for the next.
diane courchesne Canada www wistful time travel for the reader with a touch of envy...
Diane Australia www Jamie has rekindled my joy in my very own Mr Right
dianne newell United States www  
DIEBOLT ANGELIKA France, Metropolitan www fascination mixture of "true male" and sensitive modern husband !
Dijares Reilly United States www I've read the series since the beginning and love them! Diana Gabaldon is a great author, and I love Jamie, and how real she's made him.
Dina Canada www one of the best series! i love jamie!
Dingerxul United States www  
Dominique Langlois Canada www There's no word to describe it....It's the third time that I read those books and they are delicious as much as the first time!
Dona Roddey United States www He is very sexy, and honorable.Great Qualities!
Donna MacLeod United States www  
Donna Myer Canada www  
Donna Rae United States www J.H.R.C.! Greatest love story ever written!
Donna Santaniello United States www I am proud to say I have read them all and Jamie is a part of my heart now.
Donna United States www  
Donna United States www Must have read! Claire and Jamie are THE couple!
Donna Canada www fabulous, I want my own Jamie Fraser
Dorothy Gibas United Kingdom www Exciting weave of characters and history - looking forward to next book!
Dorothy United States www  
Dot United States www  
Ebba Sweden www Jamie is the most charming man ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ebba Sweden www i have read them all over and over again, and that say it all
ebner corinna Germany www I love them
Eden Spain www I read "Forastera" (Outlander) and I'm in love with Jamie
eelisa France, Metropolitan www le plus beau......
eilan Spain www  
Eileen Panama www I wish jamie whispered in my ear as he did to claire!!!
Elaine MacKenzie Canada www Last year a coworker passed me a copy of The Outlander and stated that I would love it and I'm probably related. My great grandfather
Elaine McArthur Canada www I haven't fallen this hard for anything since the 80's. I absolutely adore the character Jamie. How many people have fantasized about a man like this?
elayn henderson United States www  
Eleisha United States www  
Elena Martinez Spain www Best gotten romantic character ever
Elena Spain www  
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Elin Lundin Sweden www The most beautiful books I have ever read.
Elin Lundin Sweden www The best books I have ever read!
Elin Sweden www The greatest books I've ever read!! <3
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Elis Czech Republic www  
Elisa Italy www  
Elisabeth Rebhan- Glck Austria www I've read all six of them and I think that these books are the best ones I have ever read.
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Elisha-lee Canada www  
elisha Canada www love the series, best I've ever read
Eliza Fryberger United States www I've never felt so much in love. With the man...with the books with anything. I love James Fraser!
Elizabeth Canada www Is it possible to actually fall in love with a fictional character????
Elizabeth Ann Cooper Canada www The Best Books ever written!!!!!
Elizabeth Anne Weber United States www  
Elizabeth Blanco United States www I read them all, now I am going through the audiobooks! I love this series!
Elizabeth Byars United States www  
Elizabeth Dawson United Kingdom www Very good read
elizabeth disco United States www reading The Fiery not want the story to end. Where is my Jamie Fraser?
Elizabeth Dunn United States www The Outlander series are by far the best books I have ever read. I adore Jamie, he is my dream man!!
Elizabeth Hoiles United States www  
Elizabeth United States www  
Elizabeth United States www  
Ellen Chesney United States www Absolutely LOVE the series and LOVE Jamie!
Ellen Chesney United States www  
Ellen Chesney United States www I'm waiting for more! I'm lost without Jaime & Claire!
Ellen Sandifer United States www I absolutely love all these books and Jamie
Ellen Vandeven Canada www  
Ellen Netherlands www Almost better than real friends. ;-)
eloise jeffery United States www I am reading the last one now and am already wishing for number 7
Eloise Canada www A kilted Scot makes my day
Elsi Uruguay www  
Emelie Eklf Sweden www I have to remind myself that he's not real. Wish he was, though!
Emelie Mignot Canada www He's Just WOW ..... There's no words to describe how I feel about him !
Emilie Gosteau Canada www Diana Gabaldon is a great writer, she bring us to another place, and makes us dream about it.
Emilie Morin-Roy Canada www  
Emily D. Canada www Jamie is my god
Emily K United States www best book series i've ever read, Jamie Fraser is the perfect man.
Emily Mantle United States www  
Emily Moscoso United States www The books are amazing...they grab you instantly!
Emily Schuster United States www I love him.
Emily Thomas United States www  
Emily Wilson United Kingdom www i love jamie fraser
Emily New Zealand www I think he would be apsolutly gorgeous! he is totally in love with Claire and he does everything he can for her! hes heroic, handsom and loving!!!
Emily Canada www I Love Jamie!! Il a vraiment tous ski lui fo pour etre parfait ;)
Emma Jellyman New Zealand www  
emma New Zealand www speechless
Emma United Kingdom www  
Emmanuela Grasso Uruguay www What can I say that has not already been said?
Emony United Kingdom www  
Erica Price-Mora United States www I think he is the perfect man, too bad he's fiction.
Erica United States www I absolutely love the Out lander series, I wish I could have a man like Jamie Fraser!
Erica United States www Wow... Don't you just want to MARRY Jamie?
Erika United States www  
Erin Ballantyne Canada www  
Erin Ballantyne Canada www Books are amazing and Jamie Fraser would be the perfect man
Erin Conrad United States www  
Erin Johnston Canada www Sooooo gooo!!!
Erin Johnston Canada www Sooooo goood!!
Erin Lacox United States www  
Erin MacDonald Canada www Oh what to say about Jamie Fraser. Everytime I see a standing rock near the shores of my home I daydream of stepping through and finding Jamie.
Erin McGill Beard United States www i love him
Erin O'Connell New Zealand www The most amazing books I have ever read. It is as if Jamie were alive and kicking today.
Erin United States www  
ErinM United States www  
Eryn United States www  
Erynn Vierra United States www Love them!
Estela Spain www Where are you, Jamie?
Estelle Canada www It is the most fantastic serie I've ever read!!
ester Spain www  
Ester Spain www  
Esther Fasen- van Rooijen Netherlands www IM IN LOVE!!!!
Esther Netherlands www Jamie, what a perfect man, wish such men did exist!
Esther Spain www EXCELLENT!!
Esther Spain www  
Eva Schenkelberg Germany www Sexiest hero in literature! I love him:-)!
Eva United States www  
Eva Canada www  
eve Germany www jamie is gorgeous - can't wait for the next part!
Evelin pagels Germany www  
Fabienne France www Jamie... Forever in my dreams !
Fawn New Zealand www  
Fay Germany www  
felicia uhlig Germany www i love all the novels
Fern Whiteman United States www  
Fine Germany www I love Scotland and so I have to love Jamie Fraser and the hole story. I adore it totally and there is nothing in this worl that could better.
Fiona Carlyle United States www  
fiona fraser Australia www restored my faith in humanity, what a brilliant read!!!
fiona stewart Australia www brilliant, life altering, inspirational
Fiona Australia www Awesome series that you just want to read again and again
Fiona United Kingdom www Jamie - gorgeous, Outlander books - fantastic, can't wait for the next one
Flaviano J. Sico Philippines www i love all her books. i've read the first of the series. since i can't find the fifth yet, I've been reading ghte first four 3x.
Florence France www the best character who has ever been and a BEAUTIFUL story
Florence France www  
Fouli Tsimikalis Canada www I read all the books. I could not put them down. My daughter is reading them now and she absolutely loves them.
fran gardner United States www  
Francesca Mills United Kingdom www Jamie Fraser is my ultimate hero
francesca Italy www jamie is so perfect... i really love him...
Francois Canada www I am one of few men who ever took the time to read those books. These books are masterpieces of contemporary literature.
Frank Johnson United States www  
Franke Germany www  
Frankie Haney United States www The greatest story I have ever read.
Franziska Priemer Germany www  
Frauke Germany www i love them all!!
Fred Boiy Canada www Wow.. c'est le seul mot que je peux dire.. il est parfait je dirais mme ! L'homme parfati quoi ! !
fried'l Belgium www Great books, I can't wait to finish them
Fussel Germany www Every man has to be like JAMIE...
fwalls United States www Jamie is a direct relative of me spouse - do ye not know of him?
G. Simpson United States www Really enjoy them!
Gabriela Oliveira Brazil www The best books series ever!
GABRIELA T. Argentina www I've loved Jamie from the first moment. I'll never forget him
gabriela Brazil www o.o' jamie is so perfect!
Gabrielle Canada www It's simply genius
Gaia Italy www  
Gaia Italy www I love Jamie!
Gail United States www Diana has created such wonderful characters. I want a Jamie of my own!
Gail United States www  
gaye santoro United States www  
Geez Finland www  
Geneva Lopez United States www From the first moment I read these books, I fell in love with a fictional character. Who wouldn't want to be in the arms of Jamie every night?
Genevive Aubert Canada www The most marvelous, incredible character I ever read about.
Genny Avelar Canada www The best books ever written...unless you include the bible
Georgia Clayton Canada www He is my future husband
Georgina Fielden United Kingdom www AMAZING!!
Gerri Jarvis United States www I love everything Diana writes, but I love Jamie...
Gesa Germany www I love it!!!
gill sullivan United Kingdom www  
Gill Wightman United Kingdom www They are my favourite books in the world, I named my son Calum Jamie!
gillian86 Poland www  
Gina Gallant United States www  
Gina P. United States www  
Ginny Belgium www I adore the books and I adore Jamie even more.
ginny France www  
Giuggiola Italy www I know Jamie ! XD ..he's my friend XD
Giulia Italy www big big man
gladys Italy www  
Glendora Glazier United States www He's my obsession!
Glimmerfee Germany www The best books ever!
Glimmerfee Germany www A man like a dream
Gloria De Claire Germany www I love Jamie! He's my dream man! Can a real man be as peferct as Jamie?
Gloria Italy www I fell in love with him immediately. He's really handsome and charming and oh so brave. I love him.
Grace Abernethy Canada www  
Gracie Thompson United States www He's the inspiration for the "Man of my dreams"!!
Grainne Ferguson United Kingdom www  
Grandma T United States www Waiting for the next book in the series
grazia United States www speechless
Greta Cleary New Zealand www  
Gretchen United States www The series represents the most re-readable books on the planet
Gretchin United States www Jamie Fraser would be the ideal soulmate for me.
Gretta Lutz United States www  
Gretta Lutz United States www I love these books. I love the intrigue, the power,love,strength and the heros, Jamie and Claire. I find myself returning to these books always.
Gricel United States www  
Gro Boennemark Sweden www  
Grgory PACHOT France www  
gtaylor429 United States www  
Gwen Anthony United States www  
Gwen Lopez United States www  
Gwendalyn Navarre United States www Beautiful...I know it falls unbearably short but what can I say? He, and all the other aspects of the books, leaves me embarrassingly speechless.
Gwenllian United States www I love Jamie.
Graldine DESBORDES France www  
H. Riley United States www I have dreams of him!
haejin United States www  
Haley Myra Canada www  
halfmoon mollie United States www I love these books more than almost anything I've ever read.
Hali United States www He's awesome!
Hannah Klsch Germany www  
Hanne Germany www Tough guy! :-)
Harriet New Zealand www Love him
Harriet New Zealand www  
Haylee Australia www i luv jamie!
Hazel United Kingdom www  
Heather Baker United States www love, love, love these books
heather Boreham Canada www He definitly sounds to be quite the sexy man. I love reading about him and claire and there undying romance!!!! I Love Jamie!!!
Heather Donovan United States www Oh love her Diana's books and her style of writing, and enjoy Jamie Fraser. He is just a wonderful character, and so real.
Heather E Stokes United States www I have just never felt this way about a series of novels before or of a set of characters before. I absolutely adore Jamie and Claire Fraser.
Heather Fuller United States www Diana writes THE BEST characters!
heather gelabert United States www I need these books like I need to breath!!
Heather Grace Canada www This is the best series of books I have ever read and I LOVE Jamie Fraser - he is what a real man is suppose to be!
Heather Hillier Canada www i am Infatuated with James Fraser
Heather McClellan United States www Read the whole series in less than two months--not long enough!
Heather McElwee United States www Ahhh Jamie and Claire - I love them both together...
Heather Miller United States www beautiful man....
Heather Morrison United States www  
Heather Olsen United States www  
Heather United States www He is the sexiest man i have ever imagined and been able to read about.
Heather Canada www  
Heather United States www  
Heather United States www If only I could be Claire!!!
Heather United States www I have read, and reread this series of books for over 10 years now. All I can say is I wish Jamie were real!
Heidi Fonteyn Belgium www The series is the greatest i've ever read. It took me exactly 3 weeks to read the 5 books. I was completely swept away by Jamie and Claire.
Heidi United States www  
Heike Germany www i would have never believed that i could fall in love with a figure in a book before i read that brilliant story about the sexiest man ever!!!
Hel United Kingdom www  
Helen United States www My poor husband......
Helen Ann Brooks-Tripp Australia www I have the utmost admiration (amongst other things) for the character of Jamie Frazer. Ooh la la!
Helen Duncan United Kingdom www  
Helen Fraser New Zealand www  
Helen Toevs United States www I have read 3 of the books thus far and I am a true fan forever more.
Helen United Kingdom www  
HelenaW Sweden www  
Helene Lukkarinen Canada www  
helene Canada www  
Helga Cantrell Germany www They get better as the characters grow and develop
Helga Cantrell Germany www  
Hev United States www  
Hilary Graham Canada www this series is amazing. the best thing i have ever read.
Hilary Canada www LOVE IT!!! BEST BOOK EVER!!
hilda tejeda United States www All of them
Hillary Kozel United States www One of the best series I've ever read, I'm in love!
HILLARY P United States www  
Ho'ola'I United States www Jamie and Claire have become part of our family.
Holly Fields United States www What a man! We should all be as lucky as Claire...
Holly M Knight-Moore United States www  
Holly United States www Favorite book and character of all time!
Hlya Germany www  
I. R. Finland www  
Ija Germany www  
Ilaria Italy www is my favourite serie...ever!
ilaria Italy www The best books i've ever ever ever read! love Jamie *.* and I wanna go to Scotlanddd!!well, maybe next year...ciao ciao to everyone :)
inezy fuut Netherlands www  
Inga Kruse Canada www The ultimate male from the mind of a woman
Inge Lenaerts Belgium www Warning! Warning! Reading the books can be hasserdous to your health, IT IS ADDICTIVE!
Iovana Guatemala www I have read them 4 times and await IMPATIENTLY for the last of the series!!!
Irene chitwood United States www I love these books. Addicted and Jamie is my favorite literary character.
Irene Chitwood United States www My favorite series and author of all time!
irene forbes United States www earth shattering passion and love
Irene United States www  
Iris Escobar United States www " Dinna worry yourself lass" Is my favorite quote of Jamie.
Iris Jacobsen Germany www I just love it...
Iris Polcino Germany www  
Iris United States www I fell in love with him so fast I could barely even stand up! I would love to be Claire.
Irma Finland www breath taking
Isabel Australia www Jamis is the ultimate man! love the books cant put them down. He is my hero.
Isabelle Bombardier Canada www  
Isabelle de Bellefeuille Canada www  
Isabelle Canada www  
Isolde Australia www Compelling...
Iza Spain www  
Izy Canada www Men of my dream!
J- Nese United States www I cin't imagine anyone who is NOT in love with Jamie after reading DG's Series!!!
J. Loeri United States www Fan of Gabaldon, Jamie & Claire.
J. Moore United States www  
jac Germany www wenn es doch mnner wie ihn gbe...... searching for a man like him...
Jacinthe Blair Canada www  
Jackie Elsdon United Kingdom www  
Jackie Gross United States www  
Jackie Hayden United States www  
Jackie Hayes United States www new fan - never knew outlander existed until 2 yrs ago
Jackie United States www  
Jackie United Kingdom www Phwoar!
Jackie United States www He has given me faith, hope and has opened my eyes to see that I deserve more than what I have tried settling for. He is amazing!
Jackiek S. Kalar United States www There is something about him, I just can't get enough.
Jaclyn Storch United States www Jamie is the perfect man with the perfect mix of manliness, compassion, loyalty and good looks
Jacqueline Taylor United States www These books are wonderful!
jacquelyn kerr United Kingdom www The best books I've ever read!! Once you pick one up you just can't put it back down!!
Jacquita Pickett United States www Addictive!!
Jacy Canada www I read must book in my life, but the book of Jamie and Claire is the best Than I never read!!
Jade Cooke New Zealand www Brilliant Books, I dont really read much, but a friend pushed me into it and im emotionally attached haha!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!
Jadene Heatherwick New Zealand www  
Jaki Australia www  
James Cameron Fraser-Paige United States www Its' odd to read a book one of whose main characters bears your name: Yes, I am Jamie Fraser!
james New Zealand www love
Jamie A. United States www Makes me want to jump head-first into the first large rock that I see!!
Jamie Bailey United States www I've just started the Outlander series and I have to say I am totally in love with Jamie Fraser!!
Jamie Fraser United Kingdom www Great books, with such thought put into them that you cant help but continue to read.
Jamie Fraser United Kingdom www I was named after this character at birth. My mother made me read the book, which I really enjoyed!
Jamie Fraser Bermuda www My wife reads the series
Jamie Fraser United Kingdom www New fan, I looked up my name on Google and started reading the novels. :)
Jamie Kim Younger Canada www Wow!
Jamie Swaim United States www  
jamie'smom United States www need therapy to live through the next 2-3 years before the next book!
jamie United States www  
Jamie United States www  
Jamie United States www  
Jamie Canada www Love
Jamieina Italy www  
Jan United States www  
Jana Peden United States www Jamie lights up my dreams!
Jana Wohlfart Germany www  
Jana Germany www  
Jane Clark United Kingdom www Every woman's dream of the perfect man
Jane Riggs United States www Even better the second read!!
Jane Stuart Canada www Awesome!
jane Australia www Passionate!
jane Canada www I'm on Fiery Cross after being away for too many years, and I'm having NO problems getting into it. I enjoy every word. I have the next two books!
Janelle Ceccon Canada www I have just started reading the 1st (there are no words I can say) Except I feel connected to the characters and time and area (I will read all books)
Janet Carroll United Kingdom www  
Janet Kirby United States www  
Janet Canada www How am I ever supposed to meet a guy tht will live up to Jamie Fraser?
Janet United States www  
Janette Ungersbck Austria www Je suis prest!
Janey Gray United Kingdom www Too good to be true...!!!!!! Do men like this exist.
Janice Elliott Canada www DG makes the characters so real that it hurts to close the book. Jamie Fraser is the one man that EVERY man should emulate.
Janine Evans United Kingdom www What a man!! But does anyone like him exsist!!
Janine fitzgerald United States www  
Janine Kushman United States www The world needs more Jamie Frasers...this series is outstanding!!
JannDallas United States www  
Jannie United States www These books became instant favorites for me.
jasmin hess Germany www  
Jasmin Khler Germany www He's the man, we will always dream of
Jasmin wickinghoff Germany www  
Jasmin Germany www Hes the reason why I think that every scott has to be sexy!
Jasmine M. United States www I can't get enough of Mr. Jamie...
Jassanja Switzerland www Go read them! NOW!
Jayne United Kingdom www Completely smitten by Jamie. books are ruining my routine (there is no room for housework until the next book has been devoured.)
jbalce Canada www  
JC Moore United States www Jamie enbodies the ideal man! If ever I was to imagine the dual package; the man & relationship it would be Jamie Fraser!
jean United States www  
Jean Collette United States www I am an avid, voracious reader and have waited over 2 years for "A Breath of Snow and Ashes" to debut...I got it today!!! Yippeee
Jean Cronin United States www  
Jean Hunter Canada www Diana Gabaldon's style of writing is beyond words. Her ability to portray even the smallest moment of the story creates a stirring moment ...
Jean M. Thompson United States www Amazing
Jean United States www Can't put them down...Is this guy for real? Unfortunately not :o(
Jeaney Germany www Wouldn't stay alive if I couldn't dive my soul into these stories
Jeanine Myers United States www I was smitten with Jamie from the moment I read the first book!
Jeanne Lacy United States www  
Jeanne Ligocki United States www This are one of the best series I've every read. I'd love to see this in a made for TV series. I'd love to see Jamie!
Jeanne Ligocki United States www Absolutely the best
Jeanne McKee United States www Both of my sisters and I are fans. How big. Well my husband is jealous.
Jen Blaszczak Canada www I am passionate about the Outlander series, so much I cannot stop myself from reading them again and again, and of dear Jamie...simply delightful!
Jen Clark Australia www  
Jen Rutherford United States www  
jen Canada www Why can't he be real, and with me?
jen United States www  
Jen United States www I'm addicted! I'm up to Voyager and I seriously read it every chance I get!
Jen United States www Jamie is perfect...;)
Jen Germany www Just awesome! 'Nuff said! :)
Jenelle Sedo Canada www Jamie is perfect in his imperfectness!
Jenevieve Canada www  
Jenn Parnell United States www Love them so dearly!
Jenna Canada www The best serires I have read so far in the genre.
Jennie Waters Australia www  
Jennifer United States www  
Jennifer United States www  
Jennifer Blaszczak Canada www An enchanting series. If only a person could meet Jamie Fraser!
jennifer buckland Australia www these books are like my family, and i love how jamie is a typical bloody man with just as many faults as real ones
Jennifer Dahmen United States www  
Jennifer Degler United States www Just discovered this series (where have I been), and finished Outlander in 1.5 days. I'm currently reading Dragonfly In Amber & I'm HOOKED!
Jennifer Fabian United States www Jamie has captured my heart. I'm in love.
Jennifer Gadway United States www absolutely wonderful! Jamid is my favorite character of all time!
Jennifer Holman United States www  
Jennifer Johnson United States www  
Jennifer Klunk United States www I started reading the books on vacation to, ironically, AZ. I finished the first 4 in less than a week and wanted more! Still do :)
Jennifer Langille Canada www The Outlander series has moved me beyond words...Jamie and Claire are a magical, sensual and deeply passionate couple whose lives I live to read about
Jennifer McKanick Canada www Excellent
Jennifer Morgan United States www I love Jamie and the Outlander of the last "true" men out there
Jennifer Moss United States www  
Jennifer Rose United States www  
Jennifer Ward United States www  
Jennifer Williams-Wager United States www If I could only travel through the stones and into Jamie's world, I would.
jennifer United States www on number 3 can't put it down
Jennifer United States www hot
Jennifer United States www  
Jennifer United States www I love these books so much
Jennifer United States www  
Jennifer United States www  
Jennifer United States www They just keep getting better!
Jennifer United States www Jamie could teach all men about what romance and love can be!
Jennifer United States www Could he be any more perfect????
Jennipher United States www  
Jenny Jochmann Germany www Every girl should have it's own Jamie... he was created from the flesh of our hearts.
Jenny K United States www Just started the series and couldn't put it down, can't wait for he next one!!
Jenny Kloth United States www Unbelieveable...but true! (or at least Gabaldon makes you feel it is...
Jenny United States www God, I LOVE YOU JAMIE! :-)
Jerni United States www  
Jesse W Coffey United States www One of the true men in fiction, it's a crying shame he's not "real."
Jessica Adermann United States www  
Jessica Bay Canada www Not even through the first book, I know I will treasure this seris forever. Plus, my husband looks and acts just like Jamie! Jealous?? :)
Jessica Black United States www I love Jamie!!!
Jessica Desjean United States www I love and admire Jamie because he is strong, (in physical strength and in will power) and that he is so educated. Plus he's damn sexy.
Jessica Desterres Canada www  
Jessica MacDonald Canada www WOW!! Who would have thought a character from a book would have this effect on me. Jamie is truly amazing!!
Jessica Roberts United States www  
Jessica United States www Wow. I love him so much
Jessica Australia www  
Jessica Canada www hes amazing the perfect man
Jessica Canada www  
Jessica United States www  
Jessica United States www  
Jessica United States www  
Jessica Germany www If only I could find a man like Jamie and experience a love like that...!
Jessica Germany www i think its Claire can be the happiest woman in the world
Jessica Germany www i love them
jessie acsoat United States www  
Jetty Netherlands www magic
Jill United States www  
Jill United States www  
Jillian Australia www just love the series as i am living over in scotland at present helps to remember the past and the dashing hero
Jing Cao United States www Jamie is a symbol of what most women want in a man. Such a man is extremely rare; I hope that I'll be able to hold such a treasure one day.
Jing Xie Canada www  
Jo Bennett United Kingdom www  
Jo C New Zealand www What a fantastic series of books, and as for Jamie Fraser, well.......
Jo Cook United States www  
Jo Crez United States www  
Jo McGee United States www I love these books!
JO Weston New Zealand www Heart wrenching, mind numbing, love at it's absolute ultimate. Jamie is gorgeous, Claire is is beautiful. Together they are uncondintional love.
Jo-Anne Gorham Canada www These books have rekindled the romance I used to have with books.
JO-Anne Trepanier Canada www  
Joanie Charbonneau Canada www I just like everything about him!
Joanna United States www I can't believe that I'm in love with a character in a book.
joanne cloete South Africa www I am completely smitten by the character Jamie!!
Joanne Nutt United Kingdom www The most wonderful series of books I have ever read, they take over my life when Diana writes a new one!!
Jocasta O'Malley United Kingdom www stunning, on my seventh time around
Jodie Yarwood Australia www Jamie is every women's dream easy to fall for...the outlander series has me hooked. I wish Diana would bring out a movie/mini series... :)
Jody Beattie New Zealand www I absolutely adore Jamie. I love the book series, but cant wait for the new book to come out!
Jody Marie United States www enjoy them both...more than once!
Jody United States www ye ken
Johanna Love United States www  
johanne Canada www si seulement il existait... ce serait l'homme idal..
Johnna United States www I would have to say Jamie is the best Scottish hero I have ever read about in a romance novel. He is definately the most dynamic and romantic.
Jolanda Bernardina Kuijper Jongman Netherlands www they make me feel homesick altough i have never been to the highlands
Jolene United States www  
Jolie Hutcheson-Rice United States www Oh Jamie! Where can I find one just like you?
Joni Bieuz Canada www We should be grateful to Diana Gabaldon for giving us hope that men like Jamie may just exisit out there
Joni Sinyard Canada www If only all men were that devoted and understanding to the women in their lives, they might realize that we women would move heaven and earth for them
Jonna Kokko Finland www amazing!
Jordan United States www I never thought that I could fall in love with a character from a book the way I have for Jamie. I wish he were real!!
Jordan Thorne Canada www absolutely outstanding!
Jordan Canada www  
Jordan Canada www It was totally changed my outlook on romantic stories.
Josee Canada www I never thought it possible for me to experience a story and go through emotions the way I do reading about Jamie Frasier
Josefine Germany www since many weeks Im living with Jamie and Claire !
Josefine Germany www  
Joy Moneypenny Canada www If only all men were as perfect as Jamie!!
Joy Paolo United States www Why can't I meet this man???
Joy Williams United States www  
Joy United States www Wonderful and addicting
joy United States www i love him
Joy United States www Do they come in large print?
Joyce Gelinas Canada www  
Jolla Angenent Netherlands www I want Jamie in my bed!
Judit Hansson Sweden www  
Judith Bosworth United Kingdom www je suis aussi prest
judith jacobi Australia www  
Judith Germany www  
Judy Iano United States www The most heart felt of anything I ever read!
Juli United States www  
Juli Modglin United States www I'm having a hard time dealing with the fact that I can't go to the circle of stones to step through and find Jamie
Juli Germany www  
Julia D United States www I am going to find a "Jamie" like person in scottland to marry ( i hope)
Julia Elliott-Harrington Canada www Discovering Jamie Fraser & the outlander books has brought me so much joy!Yes, Jamie is my ideal man,but I wouldn't read Junk!it's a perfect package!
Julia Hausberg Germany www  
Julia United Kingdom www  
Julia Germany www Man of Womens Dreams
Juliana Lufkin United States www My mother,(who introduced me to Jamie) has asked me severl times if I am smitten yet. Of course the ansewer is yes!
Julie United States www I am verra verra obsessed....
Julie Cooper United States www oh my, the things he says....
Julie Lund United States www I simply love him!
Julie Mason New Zealand www  
Julie Miller United States www  
Julie Rief United States www Addictive
Julie Scott Canada www The love of my soul
Julie Thompson Canada www intergrity, passion, weakness, strength, respect, dynamic, humour, sensual ...
Julie Canada www  
Julie Germany www seriously addicted.
Julie United States www OBSESSED
Julie United States www excellent !!!!!
Julie United States www A dream and a nightmare of a man, in other words, perfect
Julieta Gomez United States www I am into the 4th book and 3rd Season
Julieta Rivero Mexico www  
Justina Barbour United States www  
k evans United States www  
K Ryan United States www  
K.C United States www Jamie is so hott!!
kaarina liukku Canada www  
Kagome:Ak Switzerland www I LOVE JAMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kai Pausch Germany www  
Kaisa Finland www Loved them from the first page-gonna buy 2 english versions because theres only 3 in finnish-cant wait to find out what happens next
Kaity Canada www Im in LOVE with the Outlander series!!!!
Kamila Poland www uhhh... I'm speechless
Kara Miller United States www Jamie is just perfect, nothing more to say....
Karai Madill Canada www  
Karen Byington United States www I just finsihed Snow and Ashes. Waiting for the nesxt one.
Karen Montgomery United States www THe only series of books to ever change my life!
karen Canada www My life has somehow began revolving around jamie. I have lost friends, failed a course, stopped eating(n' A LOT more)just. for. jamie.I LUV U JAMIEEE!
karen armstrong United Kingdom www  
Karen Banuga Canada www  
Karen Banuga Canada www  
Karen Foley United States www  
Karen Hill United Kingdom www I was introduced to the books just this year by my mother in law who raved about them. I bought the whole series and love them!
Karen Kilgour-Hodgson Canada www  
Karen Klein United States www Adore him!! He is the Scottish equivalent to Mark Darcy (Pride & Prejudice)!! I am ready!!!
Karen Montgomery United States www Read the books had to go been there wanna go back
Karen of Clipper Gap United States www I have spent SO many hours reading these books over, and over, and over. I think I will never tire of Jamie & Claire!
Karen Otway New Zealand www Jamie Fraser is to die for, oh to be Claire.
Karen R. United States www  
Karen Reilly United States www These are my favorite books by far. I am impatiently waiting for book 8. I need a Jamie fix =)
Karen Rice United States www I ABSOLUTELY fell in LOVE with Jamie right away (even before Claire did!!!) Oh how I wish there were really men like that these days! :o)
Karen Saban Philippines www He is the ultimate epitome of a girl's "Man of My Dreams". No girl could help but wish he existed beyond the pages and/or the mind of Diana Gabaldon!
karen vazquez-lipinski United States www  
Karen United States www I fell in love with Jamie after readingthe first book, Outlander. I am now on book two Dragon fly and amber.
Karen Canada www  
Karen United States www  
Karen United States www I've read these books over and over! Jamie, Claire, Bree, and Roger are friends!
Karen Canada www  
Kari Hudson United States www Jamie Rules Frank Drools
Kari Wharton Canada www  
karin padden United States www I WANT HIM!!!!!
Karin Sanders Netherlands www One of a kind! The man as well as the books!
Karin Van Der Most van Spijk Netherlands www  
Karin Sweden www <3
karina dodd Australia www it makes me want to weep with sorrow that I'm not Claire!
Karina Poland www  
Karine Jacques Canada www  
Karine Voisard Canada www  
Karine Canada www WONDERFUL !!
Karla Hancox United States www  
Karlea Newton Canada www I'm hooked after the first one - Outlander.... halfway through the second - WOW!
karoline Germany www  
Karon United States www  
Karson Crass United States www He's melded with my own significant other and they have both become the ones that I wake up for in the morning and who I go to sleep thinking of.
Karynhappuch Rideout United States www The most memorable and 'more ish' character to ever have rose to life from the pages of a book in the minds and hearts of so many.
kasper Canada www if this man were real...
Kat Winter Germany www  
Kat United States www Kilts rule.
kate johnston Canada www I am OBSESSED!!! Iluvjamie
Kate Shaw Australia www Love it!
Kate Whan United States www  
Kate United States www Best books I've ever read! And I'm a committed bookworm. NEED to talk about Breath of Snow and Ashes. Can't wait for the next installment.
kate United States www  
Katee United States www  
Katharina Czerwinski Germany www  
Katharine Dexter United Kingdom www No man comes close!
Katherine Canada www Jamie is one of the best characters created by ant author I have every read!
Katheryne Cabral Canada www  
Kathleen Fox United States www  
Kathleen Garman United States www I love men in kilts.
Kathleen Gormley United States www  
kathleen macdonald Canada www Jamie Fraser, what can I say.he exudes sex, love ,warmth,honesty.He made me see how wonderful my husband is.thanks DG.
Kathleen Mc United States www we need a world wide search for Jamie Fraser contest
Kathleen Roberts United States www  
Kathleen United States www  
Kathleen United States www Love them.
Kathrin Germany www These books are just amazing! And Jamie is the best character which was ever created for a book!!
Kathryn Arata United States www I really wish they'd make movies of the whole series!
Kathryn Kaintz United States www  
Kathryn Maloney United States www i love jamie fraser and the outlander series =]
Kathryn Pobjoy Canada www I've loved and read (and re-read) these books since I was fourteen. Diana is an unbelievably talented writer and I adore her work.
Kathryn White Canada www He is everything a man should be and more!
kathy United States www  
Kathy Dombrosky United States www wonderful books.... love everyone....
KATHY LEWIS United States www wow where can i find one
Kathy McKay Canada www I have re read the books over and over again, I can't wait for the next book to be out this fall, 2009.
kathy mckay Canada www I have re read thess books so many times, I just love reading about Jamie and Claire and the rest of the famiy.
Kathy Montague United States www I've met Diana once - everybit as intriguing in person as she is thru her books.
Kathy Paxton-Williams United States www I love how real history is woven into the novels. And I love how Ms. Gabaldon nailed the Scottish pronunciations (as far as I can tell, anyway).
kathy United States www dinna ken I would love them so much
KathyM United States www  
Kati Brown United States www  
Kati Haley United States www He is the perfect man.....
kati Finland www I wish I'd be Claire
katie alcoser United States www  
Katie Bogs United States www  
Katie Gibsom Australia www  
katie kiehn United States www Jamie is soooo Hot and sexy!! i would just die to be claire!!
Katie Miller Switzerland www  
Katie Rizzuto United States www Jamie Fraser is the most sensitive, sexy, faithful man a woman can imagine.
Katie United States www  
Katria P. United States www He makes me wish for that man out there. OH god, it's torture!
Katrina Fontanilla United States www  
Katrina United States www Just read the entire series this year. Can't wait for the new one coming out in the Fall!
katy beech United Kingdom www I want my own scottish highlander - know any?
Katy United States www great!!
Kavy Canada www  
Kay Atchison United States www  
Kay Weir Atchison United States www  
kay United Kingdom www  
Kaye United States www Wow, Jamie is almost touchable - don't you wish?!?
Kayleigh United States www HOT
Kaylen Neve New Zealand www The most enthralling series of books I have ever read. I'm on my 3rd reading
Kaysey United States www Jamie is just.....just....perfect! There's nothing else to say!
Keila LaBossiere United States www Awesome!!!
Kelley United States www Wow.
Kelley Lefler United States www Jamie Fraser, now that's a character after which men should model themselves!
Kelley Mao United States www  
Kelley Richardson United States www I will use some of his words in my upcoming wedding
Kelli Fogg United States www  
Kelli Joan Tigert Canada www It's pathetic really, most girls write their boyfriends names in little hearts, I used to write Jamie's...sad I know...
Kellie Lunsford United States www I'm in love with Jamie Fraser
Kelly Adkins United States www  
Kelly Bly United States www I am ready.
Kelly Frederick United States www Goodness were this man actually alive and to be found!
Kelly Hilton United States www Ihave loved reading since....ALWAYS! These books are without a doubt the best I have ever read!
Kelly Leann Bennett United States www I am in love with the books and Jamie and Clair and wished there where more men in the world like him
Kelly McAlinden United Kingdom www Im from Scotland and they just make me love it even more!!
Kelly Morris United States www  
Kelly R United States www The most Awesome Books around!! I'm glad a friend suggested them for reading !
Kelly Schoppe United States www  
kelly Canada www  
Kelly Australia www  
Kelly United States www  
Kelly United States www I married my husband because he's the "real life" Jamie!
Kelly Canada www  
Kelsey Dawn Canada www Awesome
Kendall M. United States www Jamie Fraser is the perfect man!
Kendra United States www  
kendra United States www  
Keren Peled United States www  
kerilyn erne United States www  
kerri cochrane Australia www  
Kerry G. United States www If lovin' Jamie is wrong, I don't wanna be right!
Kerry Mulligan United States www He is the best character I've ever read. Wish he was real!!!
Kevin Marsh United States www  
Keziah Flucker United Kingdom www I absolutely love the Outlander series. Diana Gabaldon is trul an inspiring writer!
Khallandra Australia www Who couldn't love him?
Kiki United States www Love love love!!
Kilauea United States www I can only think of them as being real.
Kim Brockman United States www On my sixth (at least) reading of the it
Kim Broder Canada www  
Kim Broder Canada www I fell totally in love with Jamie and Claire from the first book, what an incredible love story.
Kim Dempsey United States www  
Kim Killen Canada www I've read the series many times over; am rereading outlander now; will never grow tired of Jamie AAMM Fraser
Kim Ralston United States www I have found my Jamie and he's even got red hair =^).
Kim Stewart Canada www  
Kim United Kingdom www  
Kim Germany www I LOVE THEM
Kim Germany www The books are fantastic! I can't stop reading and Jamie is one reason... ;)
Kim United States www  
Kimberlee United States www Jamie is an amzing and beautiful man. Outlander series is so moving and i love it.
Kimberly Delli-Zotti United States www Amazing, you feel like you know Jamie and Claire personally. Jamie is the best hero I have ever read about.
Kimberly V Canada www Outlander is my most favourite book... I am a huge fan and love all the books!
Kimberly Weninger United States www  
Kimberly United States www  
Kimberly United States www Awesome. Where can I get one just like him!
Kira Germany www How am I ever supposed to fall in love again after having read about Jamie?Every man I'll ever meet be compared to one can keep up with him!
Kirsty Mitchell Australia www I think he is everything a man should be and more!
Kirty Naran South Africa www I adore Jamie.
Kit Germany www I love love love love Jamie Fraser!
Kitty Victoria United States www  
Klaudia Galas United States www  
klela Italy www  
Klimaszewski France www  
Kris Holtan United States www Singularly Uniquely Captivating
Kris United States www  
Krissy McDermott United States www I love Jamie, duh....
krist Trinidad and Tobago www  
Krista Brady United States www These books come alive!
Krista Yates Canada www I am in the middle of 'A Breath of Snow and Ashes' and I can't put it down. Jamie Faser sound every bit the man I wish were real.
Kristen United States www Love.
Kristi Hellenbrand United States www  
Kristi Hellenbrand United States www love him, love them.
Kristi Palmer United States www  
Kristiina Rannikko Finland www Fantastic!
Kristin Hunt United States www  
Kristin Kraatz Germany www is there any man like jamie??? please call me!
Kristin United States www YUM!
kristina baumeister Germany www  
Kristine Camilo United States www I think he's so romantic, sexy, and passionate. I wish he were real and married to me!
Kristine United States www  
Kristy Palmer Canada www mmmmm.. yummy.. I love the adventure, the history, and the sex!!
kristy9 Italy www I love James Fraser...
kristy Australia www  
kristyn United States www Jamie is my absolute FAVORITE character in any novel I have ever read! He's so funny, charming, if only he were real!
kshiti nijhawan India www have read only outlander till now...fell in love with it with all my heart...and its for life i think! and completely in love with him!
Kunfermann Andrea Switzerland www  
Kylie C Australia www  
Kylie Australia www  
L. Jordan United States www I am completely enthralled by this series and Jamie in particular! I wish they'd make a movie!!
La Rossa Germany www  
Lacy United States www I think Jamie Fraser is my favorite fiction hero! Sexy, Smart and Scottish!
Lada Neubusch Germany www  
Lady Dandy United States www At the moment, the second-to-ONLY man in my life ;3 The other's Lord John.
Lady Oatkace of Lallybroch Germany www I just say....mmmphmm!!!!
Lady Shannon Cole United States www  
Lady Sudie United States www  
Lainie United States www I always wonder...What are Claire & Jamie doing right now?
Laney United States www I am 1/2 way thru the first book, Outlander, but I am already swept off my feet.
Lara Carter United States www Obsessed is the word - I hate starting them because that means they will end soon!
Lara Henrichs Germany www  
Larissa United States www  
Lark Bunker United States www  
Laulita SHINTU France www Je viens de terminer Les Canons de la Liberté... et je suis en manque du beau Jamie ! A quand la suite ???
Laura aalto Finland www I Love Jamie.And it's very difficult to find a man that will live up to me expectations because I know I want man like Jamie=)
Laura Bennett United States www  
Laura Bray United States www  
Laura Christensen United States www excellent! and addicting
laura cobb Canada www I am in love , Jamie is my ideal man......
Laura Irrgang United States www  
Laura J. Hicks United States www  
Laura King United States www  
laura pasquariello United States www  
Laura Seabrook Canada www  
Laura Smith United Kingdom www Oh. My. God! This man is possibly the most amazing man I have ever read about! He beats Mr. Darcey and Mr. Rochester hands down!
laura venegas United States www  
Laura Whiteside United States www  
Laura Germany www  
Laura Canada www About Jamie? Obsessed! Sounds very cliche, but I really can't put the books down. Nothing will ever beat outlander!
Laura United States www  
Laura United States www  
Laura United States www I'm devouring Voyager now, and loving every minute of it.
Laura United States www started me on the path of learning the language of my ancestors
Laura United Kingdom www OMG! Fantabolous books! Which woman (who's read them) doesn't love Jamie! And which man doesn't love Claire!? Jamie rawks!
Lauren Collier Mac Robertson United States www One of the most incredible characters in literature
Lauren United States www ...what is there to say? He's the sexiest character that I have ever come across in a historical fiction. Makes me wish that timetravel was possible.
Lauren Australia www mmmm i love him!
Laurence Canada www  
Laurie McCammon United States www If only Jamie Fraser existed.... :)
Laurie United States www Jamie Fraser....the dream guy!
lawrie landry Canada www Loving every word...not yet finished the series though
Laziza United States www  
Lea Germany www  
Lea United States www  
leah esposito United States www  
Leah Simonds United States www  
Leah Canada www keep them coming
Leah United States www OMG I just love him
Leah United States www  
Leanne Australia www What a man!
Leanne Australia www OMG where is he?
lechar United States www  
Lee Ann Monat United States www Reading these stories shows what make up great, lasting, relationships
Lee Ramsay Canada www I LOVE Jamie Fraser! Just read the 1st 3 books and awaiting the next 2...obsession here I come.
Lee United States www  
Lee United States www  
Leelee Canada www It would be fantastic to see movies made out of all the books related to the Outlander
Leery Germany www  
Leigh Williams United States www I am so excited about the new novel, it will be a long summer!!
Leire Spain www ^^ Acabo de empezar a leer Forastera ^^
Lelitza United States www Thanks to my mom, I am hopelessly addicted to the series...*sigh*
Lena Friedrich Germany www  
LeoDraconis Australia www I'm in love... Seriously.
Leonie Hintz Germany www  
Leonie Hintz Germany www  
Leonie Theissen Germany www Stunning!!!
Leonie Germany www Meet me in the highlands...
Leonie Netherlands www Just love him!!!!
Lesia Donalson United States www I've lost count of the number of times I've read these books, and they still make me laugh, and cry and take my breath away.
Lesia Donalson United States www Oh, my God, THE best books I've ever read, reread, and reread! And trust me, I READ!
Leslie Bowling United States www what can be said that has not been...???
Leslie Burdo United States www  
Leslie Wright Canada www  
Leslie United States www I wish that there was a man like him for me!
Lianne D. United States www Jamie is a man. Period. I have "je suis prest" tattooed on my shoulder.
LiChing Ooi Canada www A beautiful story of love, passion, loyalty, family, honesty and so much more. Very touching and memorable.
lili Belgium www  
Lilian Philippines www Jamie Fraser is one of those literary characters you'll never forget.
Liliana United States www Love this series... i'm SO addicted to them.
Liliana Germany www Jamie Fraser, a symbol for everything, a women ever wished form a man to be
Lily United Kingdom www  
Lily Australia www  
lin alida United States www luv it!
Linda Anello United States www Jamie Fraser is what God intended a husband to be!
Linda Barrett United States www If only..........
Linda Booth United States www  
Linda Clark United States www  
Linda Gentry United States www When you think of a perfect man there is no other than Jamie. He's most wanted where I work and what man could play his part?
Linda Green United States www  
Linda Scott Barrett United States www If only more men of the world could be Jamies, more Claires would have lifelong love.
Linda Silverman Levine United States www oh were he real
Lindsay S. Baker United States www  
lindsay United States www  
lindsey United States www best books/character ever
Linnea Mae DuLac United States www I love the series
Lis Cuba www  
Lisa United Kingdom www absolutely unputdownable!!!!
Lisa Germany www Jamie is the world's greatest!!
Lisa Sweden www Jamie tha mo chridhe
lisa aconley United Kingdom www I am just re reading the Jamie series and have been made so happy byt the thought of another novel in September. I juct cant get enough!
Lisa Ann Bickford United States www I have read the Outlander series at least 4 times. Jamie is the hottest character in any book I have ever read!!!
lisa bordujenko Australia www phew!
Lisa Buck United States www I will never marry again unless it's to Jamie Fraser!!
lisa colon United States www  
Lisa Cooper of Carn Brea United States www Jamie is the ultimate man!
Lisa Fisher United States www I wish my husband would read the series! *sigh* in love with a fictional character!
lisa glggler Germany www Ich werde fr immer single bleiben, da die Vorstellung von diesem Mann meine Erwartungen so hochgeschraubt hatt, dass ich nimand anderes mehr ansehe!
Lisa K. Germany www He is the man every woman wants and every man wants to be. He is THE MAN!!
Lisa Kivman United States www  
Lisa Kreutzer United States www  
Lisa Mercredi Canada www I need a man like Jamie Fraser
lisa moore Canada www my friend got me started on the series and i didn't sleep or socialize until i finished the entire series.
Lisa Murray United States www Phenomenal. I am completely consumed.
Lisa Nelson United States www I love Jamie and am married to a man that is his counterpart 260 years later.
lisa pentangelo United States www Jaime has made me adopt a whole new set of standards when finding a MAN
Lisa Perez United States www  
Lisa Qvillberg Sweden www I cried when I read them...
Lisa Segeler Germany www  
Lisa Taylor United States www Best - series - ever! I'm completely ruined for all other books/authors. Can't wait until 2013!
lisa turner Canada www I have only just discovered the books, and I have not finished reading them yet. I love them.
LISA VINING United States www  
Lisa Wagner United States www Listening to the series for the 3rd time. ADORE Jamie!
lisa white Canada www awesome, can't get enough. Would love to see a movie.
Lisa Y Hunt United States www I LOVE THESE BOOKS AND I LOVE JAMIE !
Lisa Zankich United States www  
Lisa Canada www The best novels I have ever read
Lisa Malta www I just love Jamie and the books... I wish it would never stop... !!
Lisa United States www The series is the most awesome thing I've ever read!
Lisa Australia www Jamie and Claire have become old friends with a very special place in my heart!
Lisa United States www  
Lisa United States www I loved the books and I can't wait for more
LisaB United States www  
Lise Tremblay Canada www  
Lise Tremblay Canada www I am reading the serie of books and i love it!!!Jamie is amazing and i wish he was for real...They dont make man like him anymore!!!
Liv United States www Love the books
Liv Switzerland www I love them!
Liz Curry Ireland www I love Jamie to bits. What else needs to be said!!
Liz United States www  
Lo Liljestrm Sweden www Jamie Fraser for ever! Jamie Fraser frevigt!
Lonnie MacDonald Canada www The most amazing man!!! Are there really men like him?
Lorena United States www  
Lori Lee Bennett United States www Wish I could find a man like that! Gotta love him!
Lori Martin United States www The man commands an air of respect from everyone he runs in to.
Lori Riedel United States www Just found Jaime and Claire and could read about them until they are 100
Lori United States www Too involved to stop now! Will remain with me for a long time. Where is Jamie?
Lori United States www  
Lori United States www It's odd how all my thoughts now have an accent. Does anyone else out there THINK in scottish????
Lorin Michael United States www Would like to see a drawn interpretation of Jamie. Love this romantic character and all the books.
Lorna Harding New Zealand www  
lorraine crawley United Kingdom www when im lost in the stories with this amazing man i can almost touch, taste and smell him.
Lorraine Kitchen United States www  
Lorrie United States www Love, love these books and Jamie Fraser too!! I choose to believe there is a real life Jamie Fraser!!
Losgann France, Metropolitan www Jamie ROCKS !
Lothwen United States www  
Lou Ireland www  
Louisa Bratley United Kingdom www  
Louise McArley New Zealand www The most fasinating, exciting, and completely wonderful series I have ever read! Wouldn't we all love our own Jamie!
Louise St-Amour Canada www Best books ever read!
Louise United Kingdom www  
Luanne United States www What a character!! Love him!
Luanne United States www Love the books and Jamie is the sexiest man alive!
Lucena Canada www Wow!! I've never read any other books that even compare......and Jamie's the reason :)
Lucia Australia www I'm addicted to Jamie and Claire!
Luisa Germany www "Who in God's name is John Wayne?" "You are," I said. "Go to sleep."
luiza Brazil www The best.
luminosa Italy www it is the man I would like in my bed in my life and my heart and be like that for him
Lydia United States www ::SWOON::
Lydiane Hamel Canada www He's the most fantastic man in the world
Lyn Claremont United States www  
Lynda Conterato United States www This is the perfect man; strong, forceful when need be, gentle and compassionate
Lynda Slarke Australia www  
Lyndy Australia www I have the whole set and read them often
Lynn Gursky Canada www I have never loved a book or series more than I love this one.
lynn mailhot United States www the most oustanding series that I have ever read
Lynn United States www Where can I get a Jamie Fraser of my own? This is unequivocally the best story I have ever read. I want it to go on forever.
Lynne Goodwin Australia www  
Lynnell Irving United States www Captivating, enthralling, all consuming!!
M C United States www  
M. Hillmann United States www James Alexander Malcolm McKenzie Fraser is the man of my dreams!
Maddie United States www He's the man of my life, forever and ever. ;)
Maddie United States www  
Madeleine United States www consuming...
Maelani Northern Mariana Islands www I love the books, its so romantic, and so breathe taking
Magda Poland www wonderfull!!!
Maggie Berger Germany www  
Maggie Cuson United States www One word...AWESOME!!
Maggie Sleiman Canada www  
Maggie Canada www Wow!
Maggie United States www  
mai United States www I'm in love with Jamie Fraser and claire
Maiden Germany www  
maider Spain www  
maire-lou Canada www oh my god.... i love him soooooo much
maisie konst United States www  
Mali Austria www  
Man United States www  
mandalee United States www I Love Jamie!
Mandy Mourot-Wonsiak Canada www WHat's to say? I love him
Mandy United States www  
marce Belgium www  
Mardie Campbell United States www Delightful historical storytelling. I'm hooked!
Mareike Germany www Jamie und Claire Fraser sind klasse!
margaret arter United Kingdom www I have been hooked since 1991
Margaret Francisco Canada www  
Margaret Olsovsky United States www  
Margaret Savard Canada www I'm thinking of going to Scotland...haha
Margaret Savard Canada www He is the man of my dreams!
Marge Hickle United States www I want my man to wear a kilt!
margie thomson New Zealand www  
Margie United States www This series turned me on to reading! Diana is an amazing writer! It also caused me to travel to Scotland! LOVED IT!! I'm obsessed now!
mari carmen barcoj Spain www  
Mari Dean United States www  
Mari Dean United States www  
Mari Strm Larsen Norway www  
Maria Crudale United States www  
maria frlich Sweden www I just love it. I have read al the books over and over so many times I can not remember...
Maria Gray United States www  
maria henry New Zealand www Jamie is mouthwateringly delicious!
Maria Rea United States www  
Maria Spain www  
Maria Finland www  
Maria Canada www Jamie is the most amazing character/man/lover ... You get my point!
Marianne Love United States www  
Marianne Rodi Switzerland www  
Marie Allen United States www I'm on number five right now. Can't put them down!
Marie Allen United States www Once I started the series, I couldn't put the books down. I can't wait for the seventh book.
Marie Diehl United States www I love James Fraser and have read all 7 book's and can't wait till the 8th book is published.
Marie Everard Luxembourg www interesting and sexy person
Marie Fraser Canada www im love in it, I dream about jamie jladore
Marie Rodgers United States www  
Marie-Christine Beaumier Canada www  
Marie-Hlne Canada www Jamie is so sexy and books are awesome!
Marie-Josee Leveille Canada www I love you Jamie Fraser....!!
marie-jose laplante Canada www Il est digne d`tre un roi, il rgle tous avec tellement de ruses et d`intelligence!!!!
Marie-Pier Girard Canada www Oh my God!!!Is very good(sorry for my english i'm french and I'm not very good) I love (Jamie ) ;) and this book so fabulous!!!
marie Brunei Darussalam www  
marie France, Metropolitan www He's so charming!!!
marijana Yugoslavia www  
marijke boomsma Netherlands www absolutely addicting,love it
Marika Finland www Just amazing, so perfect..
Marike Netherlands www  
Marilyn Turner United States www Completely entranced.
Marilyn United States www Fabulous
Marilyne Canada www Simply wonderful!!!
Marina Kral Germany www I LOVE IT!!!
Marina W. Germany www I love the books, the characters... I love Jamie ^^
Marita Gmstekin Germany www The best books Ive ever read.
marite bucina United States www  
Marjorie Ferraro United States www Love the series and Jamie!!
Marla Jesus Canada www  
marlne France www  
marni Beggs Canada www  
Marnie Germany www ein traum von einem mann
Marsha Anderson United States www  
martha lowe United States www  
MARTHA zammit United Kingdom www absolutely the best read i've had.
Martha United States www Can't get enough of these books!My escape from reality which has thus kept me sane!
Martina Schrger Germany www I read outlander first in 1998 and from the on knew, that my future husband had to be a modern Jamie. It took a while, but I have found one.Love Jamie
martine van de wetering Netherlands www i love the books
Martine Canada www If only he would existe...
Mary Ann Smith United States www Is there a man like Jamie alive in this world?
Mary Ann United States www Most engrossing novel I have ever read, leaves you wanting more and hoplng they live forever.
Mary Anna United States www I was a dyed in the wool, no romance, no sex SciFi fan until I read Outlander! I am now a Gabaldon addict (and my DH approves).
Mary Beth Grey United States www I am simply besotted by this man. Can he really only be a fictional character?
Mary Cvar United States www  
Mary E. Ippolito United States www Thanks to my husband, who came home with Voyager on tape for me to listen to driving to work - I am hooked!!!!
mary evans United States www favorite series of all time. now becoming my favorite TV series
Mary Hart United States www One of the most haunting books I've ever read.....
Mary Lou Butler United States www  
mary maddox United States www There are just so many layers to this character, and I am intrigued by them all.
Mary Sinclair-Rings United States www  
Mary Swett United States www One of my all time favorites
mary zalud United States www  
Mary-Catherine French United States www  
Mary United States www Fell absolutly in love with the whole series
Mary Netherlands www just finished the 2nd book,cool!!
Maryann Mazur United States www  
Maryann Mazur United States www  
marybeth United States www  
marycase United States www  
MaryClaire Kalamafoni United States www These are the most fabulous books! I've been reading them and rereading them for a decade now and can understand why there must be a methadone list.
Marylynne Brady Johnson United States www  
Mara Jos Spain www  
Matilda Larsson Sweden www He's just such a wonderful man!
Maura Japan www  
Maureen McMahon United States www  
Maureen United States www Amazing
May McClellan United States www  
Mayra Vasquez United States www My only hope is to find a man with only half of Jaime Fraser's character to share my life with. Im in love with Diana Gabaldon's books.
Meagan Romanchuk Canada www I just found these, and I LOVE them! Who wouldn't fall in love with this man?
Meagan Canada www Love Jamie and the Outlander Books with all my Heart !!!!
Meezerlady United States www Oh, if only there really WERE a Jamie!
Meg United States www Jamie Fraser is a wonderful character and I hope that I can find someone like him for me.
meg United States www  
Meg Australia www  
Meg United States www Just finished the first book and loved it. Can't get enough of Jamie.
Megan Schoppe United States www  
Megan United States www Much love to Jamie.
Meghan George United States www The Outlander Series is the most addicting book series I have ever read. Impossible to put down the characters of Jamie and Claire Fraser are amazing.
Meghan Hyland United States www  
Meghann O'Ryan United Kingdom www Some of the best books I've read, period.
Meike Walker Germany www Every man has to be like jamie!!!
Melanie Bell Canada www  
Melanie Hll Germany www  
Melanie Miller Canada www It's the most wonderful series I never read !
Melanie Schrder Germany www the best story of the world
Melanie Seay United States www  
Melanie Todd United Kingdom www I love Jamie Fraser. He is my ideal man
Melanie Turner United States www My friend got me reading these books, and I just can't put them down. Jaime is the best fictional man I have ever met! I wish he were a real person.
Melanie Wishart Australia www I am totally obsessed and cannot live now without him
Melanie Germany www  
melanie Canada www  
Melanie Germany www I really love it!
Melanie Germany www i love the outlander series, i cant wait till september!!!!!!
meldavi Germany www  
Melinda Lyons United States www  
Melisa United States www  
Melissa United States www Jamie is perfect.
Melissa Andersen United States www If only he were real...
Melissa Carter United States www Not enough time or space to give this man justice!!
Melissa Dalton United States www  
Melissa foley Australia www  
Melissa Gregory United States www  
melissa humble United States www i adore these books....i want my own jamie frazer
melissa lowery United States www these are my favorite set of books that i have ever read and i cant get enough of them
Melissa Murray Canada www  
Melissa Sheppard Australia www Mmmmm - one hot guy! I can't wait for the next (and hopefully not final) one.
Melissa United States www Oh if only Jamie were real...::sigh::
Melissa Australia www The best books that i have ever read. Oh Jamie what more can i say
Melissa Spain www  
Mellie United States www The best ever
Mellu Finland www  
Melly Nels United States www  
Melody Adams United States www Sexiest, most romantic man in all of history
Melody Rieker United States www Addicted!!!
melody Canada www Be still my heart!
Melody United States www God,I love him!!!
Mercedes Martin Argentina www An unforgetable character!
mercedes pavcec United States www sexy, wonderful man/beautiful story
Meredith Fellows United States www  
Meredith Fellows United States www  
Merenwen Germany www I love the books. And Jamie, too ;-)
Meritxell Spain www Scotland has always fascinated me, but after reading all the serie I've ended up myself enamoring with her and by all means of James Fraser!
Merrill Ellen Bohaning United States www  
Merrill United States www I cannot wait until the next book comes out. I have missed Jamie.
Mia Du Bois United States www The most beautiful creature in all of literature.
Mia United States www I LOVE THE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Micha M United States www I would learn Gidhlig for Jamie.
Michaelene Wirth United States www  
Michele C United States www  
Michele Caldwell United States www The absolute PERFECT man! If Only...
Michele hakun United States www  
michele mclean United States www wow!!!
michele United States www  
Michele United States www  
Michele United States www I'm am in love with Jamie Fraser... I think every woman should have their own!
Michele United States www He is the epitome of what a man should be........
Michelle Koch United States www  
Michelle Furlong United States www Love, love, love the Outlander series books
michelle K. United States www A friend got me into them. I read all of the books in 9 months. Think of what that does to your brain.
Michelle Kathleen Mochan Canada www I love him?them
Michelle Lively United States www  
Michelle Louise Jones United Kingdom www After finishing the entire series 6 months ago i am still getting withdrawl symptoms, i miss Jamie (and Claire). These have been the most amazing book
Michelle Lum United States www ::sigh:: I would say I want to be Mrs. Jamie Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, but I love Claire too much for that.
Michelle M United States www Just trying to get the word out to fans of Diana Gabaldon's book that Claire's Ring is now available.
Michelle Pyne Canada www  
Michelle Steinley Canada www  
MICHELLE WATSON United States www Jamie would be my ideal mate!
michelle wood United States www i have only read dragon fly in amber so far and couldnt put it donw, i cant wait to read outlander i love jamie and claire
Michelle Australia www I love these books. I sat down and read the 6 books in 2 weeks - my children, my husband and my house were shamefully ignored! Bring on the next book!
Michelle United States www I love the Outlander series and the love that Jamie and Claire have. It is a beautiful story!
Michelle United States www  
Michelle United States www One day when I travel to Scotland, I hope to meet my Jamie!
Michelle United States www  
Michelle Germany www  
Michelyne United States www What is there to say? I suppose if someone gets to have Jamie besides me, it might as well be Claire. ;)
michle landry Canada www in my heart, he's the one..
Mihaela Italy www  
Mihaela Italy www  
mij verdon Canada www  
Mikaela Lhtl Finland www I just fell in love in jamie and the books.
Milan United States www Och aye, Sassenach.
Milla Joki Finland www There are no words to describe these books. I just love 'em.
Mindy O. United States www I've read the entire series twice and am reading Outlander for the fourth time. Anxiously awaiting "Breath of Snow and Ashes!" I LOVE Jamie!!!!!!!!
minni Finland www Jamie is the incarnation of my man. And allthought its weird to be a fan of a character.. I simply can not help it.
Mira Cameron Canada www  
Miraphora Italy www Jamie rocks!
Miriam Serfes United States www love em
Miriam Netherlands www brilliant!!!!
Miriam United States www totally love and am consumed by Jamie! What a man;-)
Miriama Violet Matthews New Zealand www jamie is the man we all want, loving, strong, devoted, faithful, funny, passionate, wise, honourable, giving, noble, modest.
Miriel Argentina www  
MissCris Canada www  
MissF Canada www  
Missy United States www I will be looking for him forever
Misty Marcus United States www He's a sexy beast!
Miyase Cerik Germany www a very interesting man! I would like to know more about Jamie and his Sassenach!
ML Grajewski United States www  
Molly United States www  
Molly Burton Canada www I...need....him...
Molly Ferns United States www  
mona Germany www  
Moni Germany www I love and nee the aventures of Jamie and Claire
monica berg Sweden www  
Monica Manunta Italy www Jamie is bewilderingly alike someone I am very fond of...
Monica Portugal www I love Outlander books serie and I'm a diehard fan of Jamie Fraser!
Monica Australia www Aye! Aye! Aye!- It's all I can say!
Monica Spain www It's simple... I love Jamie!! I love Gabaldon's books.
montserrat pidal chaves Spain www perfect
Morgan United States www Jamie and the Outlander series have just made my love for Scotland grow more and more.
Morgana Perkow Germany www I want to have his child! ;)
Mrs Barbara Delonville Belgium www he is the One !
Mrs. James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser Canada www i love jamie! damn claire beauchamp for stealing my man!!!
Mxf United States www  
Mya United States www  
Myriah B United States www  
Myrianne Gosselin Canada www  
Myrianne Canada www Trop bon !!!
Mriam Couture Canada www the SEXIEST character ever!
Na Ng. United States www I wish i know how to quit him..
Nadia Argentina www  
Nadine Oldebesten Netherlands www  
Nadine Otto Germany www Je suis prest...for a new book!
nadine v United States www  
Nadine Wagner Germany www  
Nadine Canada www  
Nadine Austria www  
Nadja Groth Germany www wich words could discripe this man
Naife Italy www Aye, I think that the books are a curse...I coudn't stop reading, and I lived in Scotland..fantastic..
Nancy from Windsor Canada www Have read each book, plus the Outlandish Companion numerous times and love them all.
Nancy januzzi United States www  
Nancy Lee United States www The quintessential man.
Nancy Martin United States www Just discovered this series and have only read the last two. Love them and will go back and read the first ones. I have so many unanswered questions
Nancy Pollock United States www all-consuming; riveting
nancy scott simard Canada www the best
nancy United States www  
Nancy United States www Hate to finish a book - the story just keeps moving and I don't have another book to read.
naneba1980 Germany www The best I've ever read..
nanni Austria www  
Naomi Davis United States www I love James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser! Who wouldn't!
Naomi United States www  
Nara Brazil www Jamie is perfect....the only way of describing him is that...hes red-haired and really sensitive this is everything in a man!!!!
Narniera Finland www  
Nat Green Australia www Swoon! Well, Jamie is just lush. Have only just read Book 1...feel very bad about his poor arse though. Those damn Pommie shirt-lifters, eh?!
Natalia Spain www I'm reading the first book, and Jamie has just robed muy heart.
natalia Spain www  
Natalia United States www I love the books but I mostly love Jamie Fraser...He is the best Scotsman in literature for me..I love him
Natalie United States www  
Natalie Australia www A Fan since the beginning! sigh...what a man...
Natascha Switzerland www jamie.... you're forever in my heart!
NATASHA TONE United States www  
Nathalie Hintzke Germany www  
Nathalie Germany www I love Jamie Fraser and I love those amazing books!!! jamie is just handsome!
Nathalie Belgium www a lucky ting i'm already married to my own Jamie, otherwise i would be tempted. Absolutely fabulous, just ordered nr.3,4 and 5 of the series
NativeMoon United Kingdom www  
nelly France www  
Nerida Nkatha Kenya www I fell in love with Jamie and Claire from the first time I read Outlander ( about 5 years ago) and the love affair is still as strong as ever!
nerida Australia www can anyone be in love with a novel character :)
Nezzy Netherlands www  
Nic Taylor United Kingdom www Breathtaking, a story of honour, courage and true love. Not to be missed.
Nichola Ward United Kingdom www This is the most well written hero in any book i have read - he has his flaws but somehow these seem insignificant to the rest of his character.
Nichole Kemp United Kingdom www I read books 1 & 2 in a week - can't wait to start 3. I laughed and wept with Claire and Jamie. Never have I been so moved by a series as I have this!
Nicky Australia www Jamie is the most believable and heroic character I've ever come across. Its so easy to get caught up in the books. The hard part is coming back...
nico86 Italy www  
Nicola K United States www have reread them countless times. will probably continue to do so forever
Nicole Beehag Australia www I have just finished the first book and I have never been so obsessed. Jamie is such a romantic.
Nicole Drach United States www LOVE THESE BOOKS.
Nicole Lavoie Canada www  
Nicole Germany www hello! ive read all books about the adventures of jamie and claire. the characters are very special. i wonder who could play them in a film.
Nicole United States www Jamie is without a doubt the sexiest man in literature.
Nicole United States www  
Nicole Canada www Jamie is a true romantic
Nicole Netherlands www  
Nicoletta Lattuca Italy www I love him for ever, it'd be wonderful to know him
Nicolette United States www Sigh...............
niki fraser Spain www  
Niki Turner United States www  
Niki Spain www ooohh, Jamie is the best
nikikita Switzerland www  
Nimue Austria www  
Nin Germany www He's cute!
Nina Australia www I absolutely love Jaime! I can't wait for the sixth book to come out! (I am suffering from Jaime withdrawl!)
Nina Delmar Sweden www He is definately a fantasy - a womans fantasy. No living man can live up to the likes of Jamie Fraser...
Nina Austria www  
NinjaMatty Canada www  
Noelle United States www Addictive!
Norager Spain www  
Nori United States www I'm a lesbian and I STILL love Jamie!
Nuria Spain www  
Nyree Australia www There are no words.....
ofelia Cordero United States www I love him and these awesome books!
Oladunni United States www I absolutely love the characters, the detail, the research. And Jamie Fraser has my heart!! Idealized or not, he rules!!
olga Greece www He is SWEET LIKE CANDY!!!!!!!!!
Olina Canada www Love the books and especially Jamie's character. What a man!
Olivia Canada www Jamie=perfect. Best books ever!
omsamiera Canada www  
Orela United Kingdom www True escapism
Outi Finland www <3
Paisley Canada www So great and hot!!!
paisley Canada www so awesome!!!
paloma Spain www me encantan los 4 libros, estoy enamorada de jamie
pam perez-catangui Canada www sexy
Pam Pickett United States www Words can not describe....
Pamela Higgins United Kingdom www I am from Scotland. I have to admit the realms of fiction and reality have indeed merged as I am in love with Jamie Fraser lol xx
Pamela Oliver United States www Intoxicating, Strong Personalities, Fun-Sarcastic Moments, Vivid Scene Descriptions
panda United States www  
paola alejandra apablaza Argentina www  
pascale lilfairy Canada www i just got to the second book ...i feel the book to be romantic and hard at the same time...I LUV IT!!!!!!
Pat Henderson United States www These books are wonderful.
Pat Skrakowski United States www I recently discovered this series and am hooked. Love Jamie Fraser.
Pat United States www Very compelling and dynamic character. Love the books!
Pat United States www  
Patricia Camacho United States www  
PATRICIA CARSTEN United States www  
Patricia Keefe Canada www I am so addicted to these books!! I just finished reading the set for the 4th time. I would love to see them made into movies...
Patricia Perron Argentina www Best books I've ever read
Patricia Thomas Australia www The best book of all time. And the best man...sigh
Patricia Wheeler Australia www What a man>I am entranced by these books.Feel like I've actually been there and lived it.Maybe I have..!!
Patricia Spain www i love Jamie fr
Patricia United States www  
Patricia United States www Love the books, especially the character, Jamie. Also, find the Outlander STARZ tv series surprisingly good!
Patti Lindsey United States www  
Patti Major United States www I've read them so many times the jackets are worn to pieces and I know all the typos.
Patty United States www  
Paula Smith Canada www I want to see a man that meets the expectations and fantasies that Dianna Gabaldon has set forth in all of her fans minds regarding Jamie Fraser.
paula true United States www aren'there more?????
Paula.e New Zealand www  
Pauline b United Kingdom www  
Pauline Easter United States www He's the best...what else is there?
pauline krijgsheld Netherlands www  
Pauline Canada www  
Paz United States www I will sacrifice the convenience of modern life to go back in time and be with Jamie... if only such is possible. I am sooooo in love with Jamie.
Peggy Bailey United States www  
peggy bellin United States www i've followed since the begining, would time travel for a jamie in a heartbeat!
peggy United States www  
Penny Evans United Kingdom www  
Penny Lois Plunkett Canada www I am a realtor, and have gone through a "listing" where they have the coat of arms for Fraser, je suis prest, I am ready, got me on here to look it up
Penny Rothkopf United States www I have a new fantasy man in my life!
Penny United States www  
persephone Austria www there's no need for big words about all that... i think you know...
Peta Knight Australia www love it
Peta Knight Australia www Can't live without Jamie
Petra Blohm Germany www The best books ever! I think I fall in love with Jamie!
Petra United States www Awesome books!
Phoebe Overbay United States www I just stumbled onto your web site after rereading Outlander for at least the 10th time! I look forward to seeing what goes on here! Phoebe
pia Sweden www the best book i ever read, i have just been in scotland and i love the place
Pia Finland www I just love Jamie!
pilar Spain www uuuffff!No comment.....
Pinecone Germany www I love the series, though I do find it a little lustless at a time. Nevertheless, very much of an everlasting book!!! :-* I love them!
Pink Tyler Netherlands www  
PMR United States www This series is life stopping - I've been hosed
Queen Chaos Sweden www I wish I hadn't read them yet so I could start fresh and once again enjoy them as it was the very first time.
Rach United States www  
Rachael Tillaart New Zealand www Sooooo hooked on these books!
Rachel United States www So obsessed I went to Scotland looking for the stones that would lead to Jamie!! :)
Rachel Cenerini Canada www I can't get enough! Absolutely love them!
Rachel Hill United States www A true meaning of SoulMate. Diana Gabaldon has done a wonderful job with research and is a wonderful author.
Rachel Walsh Australia www A compelling, "un-put-downable" series, all things good novels should be, ,
Rachel Canada www  
Rachel Switzerland www I should never read books like these, they make unfictional men seem sooo dull!
Rachel Canada www  
rachel United States www  
rachel United States www  
Rachel United States www I LOVE JAMIE! I'm afraid I'll never find the right man; I'm looking for one like Jamie!!!
Rachel United States www  
Rae McAlister Willis United States www  
Rae Willis United States www  
Rajel United States www I am so intrigued
Ramona Hopkins United States www Love Him!!!!!!
Randa Niederhauser United States www  
randa United States www  
Randine Chomyshen Canada www The best series around
Raquel Nevarez United States www I'm completely obsessed with Jamie Fraser! My friends just dont understand! LOL
raquel Spain www film?
Rashi Canada www there is nothing I can say that will do justice to what I feel about him!
Raven NIchols United States www sigh... the series is pretty much ruling my existance nowadays
Raven Netherlands www How could a written person have so much attraction?
Rebecca Ann Cira United States www I wish my husband was more like him!!
Rebecca Collins Australia www  
Rebecca Schlafen Germany www The best book I've ever read.
rebecca strickland United Kingdom www couldn't put any of the books down!! if you could plug a cable into my head you'd see the most amazing film ever!!
Rebecca United States www How do you tell your husband, "I'm sorry, but I'm in love with another man. If it makes you feel any better, he doesn't really exist..." ??
Rebecca United States www  
rebecca United States www i am so spoiled by these books that i dont have the heart to read anyone else
rebecca Germany www he's wonderful, sexy! the man, every woman wants to have!
Rebekka Germany www  
Redhoneey United States www I'm obsessed and consumed with Jamie. I'm on my second round of reading the series and will do it a 3rd, 4th, 5th . . time.
Regina Wilder United States www These are the best books that I have ever read!
Renee Morrison United States www I was definitely born in the wrong century! I love Jamie!
Renee Muskens Netherlands www As you said, he's sexy.
Renee Reed United States www  
Renee Regent United States www My favorite series of all time.
Renee Schrock United States www I have really enjoy reading the series I'm on my second reading of it.
Renee' United States www Tis' love .... well, that and lust. Yum!
Renee United States www I love the Outlander series - these books are so well written that I forget I am reading fiction.
Rhonda DeFreest United States www  
Rhonda Donovan Canada www Awesome!
Rhonda Lovro United States www I wish that I could travel bake and find me a real man like that but they are just a image for fantasy
Rhonda McPherson United States www It was love at first sight for me. I see a lot of Jamie in my husband and that keeps me wanting for more about Jamie!
Rhonda Nesrsta United States www  
Rida Bano Germany www He's just the perfect dream of a man!
Riikka Jrvitalo Finland www My secret obsession.
Riikka Finland www jamie is my hero.
Riikka Finland www I simply can't find the right words to describe Jamie...
Riitta Keipi Finland www What a story! I have to read all the books several times!
rikki erwin United States www he's my husband
Riley United States www Je Suis Prest indeed!
Rita Kohl-Margetson Canada www  
Rita Kohl Canada www a great book series, I really like the closeness to actual history events
Rita Belgium www Jamie,...thy name is love...
Rita Canada www  
Robbie Canada www Jamie is the perfect man: strong, intelligent, sexy, etc.
robin buchalski United States www totally addicting
Robin Powell United States www Jamie & Claire are my all time favorite couple and I just love the books!
Robin R. Stewart United States www  
Robin Ward United States www I love the story lines and the humor too!
Robyn Burke New Zealand www Have always loved this series - read and reread it many times!
Robyn Hill Canada www These books got me through some very hard times in my life.
Robyn United States www Jamie Fraser is the ideal but I prefer my reality. However, these books are a great place to escape and imagine "what if."
Robyn Canada www I have read all six books twice, need I say more Jamie is the perfect man.
Romi United States www Obsessed with Jamie and Claire...can't get enough of the books...legally blind from reading so much:)want more.....
Ron Collis New Zealand www Love the books and the character Jamie
ronja Germany www  
Rosa Spain www Now I know who is the perfect man!!
rosaline Australia www the best 'factual' historical series of novels I have ever read.
ROSANGELA Italy www  
rose beere Australia www what a fantastic read what a man
rose beere Australia www fantastic adictive reading. hard to believe its fiction
rose matkin United States www im addicted
Rose Mercer United States www I absolutely love this series! I love Jamie!
Roseanne Maybury Australia www I absolutely love Jamie and series of books. I have just started reading Cross Stitch all over again and can't believe what I have forgotten.
Rosemary Waterhouse United States www  
Rosemary United States www  
Rosie Germany www absolutely fabulous
Rosie Australia www i love the book so much that i went and bought the other 3 books and am currently readin voyager
Rowan United States www  
roxana larroca Argentina www im expecting for the movie, please!
Roxanne Boulter Canada www He is a character that you keep thinking about even if your not reading.
Roxanne Canada www  
Ruth Anne Adams United States www I'm reading the final book and sorry to see it end, but I plan to re-read them all. The You Tube videos are fantastic and I wish they'd make a series.
Ruth M Spain www  
Ryli Marie Hourihan United States www  
S Nielsen Canada www  
S Raphael Canada www  
sabine braun Germany www Ich kann nicht in Worte fassen, was mir diese Bcher bedeuten
Sabine Jung Germany www  
Sabrina Germany www I read Books all my life...i fell in Love with the Outlander Series immediately.
Sabrina Finland www Simply, hes the man of my dreams....
Safia Finland www Jamie is a great person.
Sage MacKenzie United States www *le sigh* i so want to find my own jamie but haven't had any luck as of yet. He's amazing and I could gush on and on about him.The books are brilliant
Saima United Kingdom www This series of books are the best I have ever read! A movie or a mini TV series should be made of these books ASAP!
Sally Coleman United States www The Outlander books have a rare combination of adventure, love, romance, and wonderful humor. I'm reading them for the second time now.
SALLY JOHNS New Zealand www Even Mr Darcy can't top Jamie!!! Sigh i wish i were Claire.
Sally Moseley United States www  
Sam C Australia www  
Sam Campbell Canada www i love Jamie Fraser he is so sexi!
Sam Leaper Australia www The most incredible character to walk the pages of any book/series.... What we would all do for a Jamie!!
Sam United States www Outlander, my guilty pleasure!
SAM United Kingdom www Brilliant
Samantha Decker Australia www My favourite books of all time! No one can EVER compare to Jamie!
Samantha Huntoon United States www Absolutly Facinating and warming to the soal.
Samantha K Australia www Most awesome books ever!
Samantha Roberts New Zealand www  
Samantha Rowe United States www I love the books and I hope see keeps writing them. Jamie is my favorite charater because he seems so loving and nice.
Samantha Stine United States www I wanna live in the 1700s and find Jamie
Samantha United States www I love Jamie!!
Samantha United Kingdom www Im currently re-reading cross stitch for the 8th time! love the books and cant wait for the next one
Same France, Metropolitan www  
Sammie United States www I just finished An Echo in the Bone and now I can't find anything else I want to read. Maybe I'll start over with the first book.
samuela Italy www  
Samy Italy www  
Sandee Whalen Canada www  
Sandra Castree New Zealand www  
sandra Han Canada www  
Sandra Kntzel Germany www simply the best ^^
Sandra Linnemann Germany www It's great - I wish that i would be Claire and have Jamie for my own - this story is the best i've ever read
Sandra Smtth United States www  
sandra tremblay Canada www delicious
Sandra Germany www the very best books ive ever read. I love all the characters and i finished today the fiery cross with tears in my eyes.
Sandra Switzerland www  
Sandra France www Jamie, you're the one !
Sandy Bock United States www I love Jamie so much and have for years, since the books started coming.
Sandy Bock United States www I have been in love with Jaimie since the first book about him and Claire came out. He is the ideal man.
Sandy Elder United States www I read one and reach for the next...reading day and night!
Sandy United States www How can you not fall in love with Jamie? I've been a Jamie fan for about 6 years now.
Sandy United States www I am completely in love with Jamie Fraser. He is the perfect image of a real man!!! I want him!!!!!
Sandy United States www Rereading Outlander - again - would love to see people's thoughts on what Jamie looks like!
Sapir Israel www I love Jamie Fraser
sar Italy www  
Sara Beth United States www  
Sara Bradley United States www  
Sara C United States www  
Sara Elizabeth United States www  
Sara Hansen Germany www the sexiest male character I've ever read about
Sara Smiddie United States www I have been in love with Jamie Fraser for over 7 years now! He is the love of my life!!!
Sara United States www  
Sara Italy www Fantastic!
Sara Venezuela www MY FAVORITE CHARACTER OF ALL TIMES!!! Jamie <33333333333333333333
Sarah United States www  
Sarah Beachkofsky United States www  
Sarah Benett-Carey United States www  
Sarah Bracey New Zealand www Sigh...Jamie is the man of my dreams, I'll never fall in love again...
Sarah Burggraf Germany www Cant wait for the next book!!!!!!!
Sarah Bliveau Canada www  
Sarah Elizabeth Browning United States www Oh, Jamie, sweet, sweet Jamie my love.
Sarah Harris Canada www  
Sarah Jessica Canada www The book I prefer is the first one, telling how they first met. It's so cute!
Sarah Kingdon-Osborne Canada www Sexy, beautiful, smart and romantic Scottish Highlander! If only he were real...
Sarah Lloyd New Zealand www he is truly amazing, my only question is "where do i find one like him"
Sarah Louise Muncy-Williams United States www GREAT SERIES
Sarah Luna Canada www Love him!!! Love the books, just perfect!!! I want a scotish man just like him!!!hehehe
SARAH MACFARLANE United Kingdom www A man full of passion like Jamie is impossible to find!!
Sarah Matheson Canada www Je Suis Prest!!
Sarah P Australia www I am in love!
Sarah Paxton United States www He's the most dynamic character I've ever read about. He seems like the perfect man, at least close to it.
Sarah Phelps United States www  
Sarah Schmied Germany www They call me Claire
Sarah Stewart United States www  
Sarah Wenham Australia www Isn't Jamie just to die for ;-) lol
Sarah-Jessica Canada www He is so cool!
Sarah Canada www  
Sarah Germany www Jamie is a dream alive
Sarah Australia www Absolutely adore Jamie! He is the ideal man and completely honest with his feelings which is just amazing! Love him and love the books!
Sarah United States www He is the incarnation of every attribute I look for in a man....there should be more like him created!
Sarah United States www I am in love with Jamie Fraser-je suis prest!
Sarah Germany www He's the PERFEKT man! I try to find MY Jamie...;)
Sarah New Zealand www  
sarah United States www Never have I been so emotional about a book series. I am in absolute love with Jamie Fraser! (along with so many others)
Sarah United Kingdom www  
Sarah United States www I am wholly and unapologetically in love with Jamie, and the entire series.
Sarah United States www  
Sarina Germany www He is amazing;)
Sasha Gilchrist Canada www one word...BEST!
Saskia van de Riet Netherlands www absolutly addictive
sassenach999 Germany www  
sassenach999 Germany www Je suis prest!!!
sassenach? Uruguay www i love the way diana describes his life, and his behiavour, just love him.
Sassenach Germany www I admire these books!!! I was in Scotland last year and I saw a lot of the described was amazing!
Satu Finland www  
Savannah United States www It's too much to ask that all men be like Jaimie Fraser but would just some men be like him. He is the stuff dreams are made of
schelli e baker United States www one of the most fascinating characters I've ever read about. I absolutely fell in love.
Seavon Chalmers United States www Just started reading again. As a Scotsman's wife it is painstakingly funny how Jamie is reflected in my own Husband.
Selene Selinger Canada www  
Selina Switzerland www Why can't you be real?
Serena Quinn Australia www Dreamy...a true man.
Shala E. Jolly United States www These are the best books I have ever read. Jamie is the sexiest, most honorable character I have ever read about.
Shan United States www I can't wait until the fifth book comes out! Help!
Shaney Steiner United States www  
Shanie United States www  
Shanna Riley United States www Jamie is the outline for the perfect man.
shannon bryans United States www Outlander is my fav book EVER! Love Jamie! Can't wait for MOBY!
Shannon J United States www I got the book as a birthday gift and I have been hooked ever since.
Shannon Ragan United States www  
Shannon United States www I love Jamie to pieces, and these books are the best ever!
Shannon Canada www I wish we could really go through the stones!!! What an adventure!
Shannon United States www ***** My absolute favorite character in any book...seems so real.
Shannon Canada www all the men in my life in one man
Shara G Canada www James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser is THE perfect man for any sane woman. I'D RATHER END UP ALONE THAN BE WITH A MAN WHO'S NOTHING LIKE JAMIE!!!
sharfm United States www  
Shari Brandli United States www  
shari Canada www  
sharon berrya United States www  
Sharon Evans United Kingdom www Love him!
Sharon Evenson Canada www  
sharon jones United Kingdom www  
Sharon McHale United States www The most mesmerizing books I have ever read.
sharon withnall United Kingdom www fabulous set of books-don't want them to end!!
Sharon United States www  
Sharon United States www I'm totally in love with Jamie Fraser. I'd take Claire's place in a heartbeat. I'm quite new to the series but fell in love with it immediately.
Sharron Chandler Canada www I love the series and am looking forward to A Breath of Snow and Ashes this fall I'm re-reading the series in preparation for the next book.
Sharyn Slater Australia www I first read Cross Stitch last year and I couldn't put it down! I started reading at about midday and finished up at about 7:30AM the next morning!
Shasta United States www One day..I WILL find me a JAMIE to jump on...
shauna garza United States www  
Shaunee United States www  
Shawna Kitzman United States www Every woman needs a man like Jamie Fraser!
Shawna Stewart United States www I'm so fortunate that these books have become part of my life. Jamie's character is the strongest and most touching of any I've ever come across.
Shawna United States www Best books i've ever read!@ Only books to make me laugh, cry and feel all the other emotions all in the same book! And can forget Jamie.what a hunk
Shawnee United States www Alice Walker once said..."In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect..." That mostly sums up how I feel about James Fraser.
Sheila Fraser Canada www Sexiest Scot who never lived
Sheila Greaves United States www I love all the books - ready for book 7
Sheila Hurley Canada www envelopping
Sheila Canada www  
sheldon west United States www my favorite male character EVER
Shelley Chestnut United States www fantastic...he's just great...there are no words to describe him
Shelley Fairchild United States www I want to marry Jamie Fraser when I grow up !
shelley United States www  
Shelly Higgins Ebie United States www The Outlander series of books are the best books I have read. Its a shame you can't find men like that now days.
Shelly Love United States www  
Shelly Victorian-Hanson United States www  
Shelly Canada www  
Sheree Australia www The very best series of books i have ever read. Fell in love with Jamie Fraser!
Sherene Simpson South Africa www stunning!! loved them
sheri United Kingdom www  
Shermaine United States www I see I'm not the only person that has fallen for Jamie Fraser. LOL, We're an unusual bunch, aren't we?
Sherri South Africa www The ultimate man and the ultimate series of books! What more could a girl possibly aske for?!
Sherri United States www I love him plan and simple
Sherrie United States www  
Sherry Beardy Canada www  
SherryLynn Wrenn Canada www What can I possibly say? I'm in love.
Shirley United States www The Outlander series are the best books I've ever read. Jamie is to die for.
Shiva Germany www They are so super, I love them!
Shona Duthie United Kingdom www Mmmphmm
Shonna Lee United States www Obsessed! I was introduced to the Outlander series by a co-worker the summer of 2006 and haven't been able to stop reading them ever since.
Sidney Pell United States www My absolute favorite reads. Currently in 6th rotation.
sigrid van buren Netherlands www  
sigrid Netherlands www  
Silke Germany www  
Silke Germany www Jamie rules, but he`s no man for living in our "space"
Silvia Italy www He's the man of all my dreams
Silvia Austria www I'm currently reading the fourth book.
silvia Italy www Jamie....the man of my life!!
Silvia Italy www no comment!!
Simi Germany www Love is like magic!!!
Simone Germany www  
Sina Arend Germany www Jamie is one of the coolest man I`ve ever heard of!I read all the books (the first part is called "Feuer und Stein"in Germany.JAMIE ROCKS!!!!
Singleton United States www  
siobhan o brien Ireland www like dear friends, jamie and claire are always there for me
Sister-in-law Canada www I am addicted to all of them...
Sith Spain www  
Sjouwke Nub Netherlands www My passion is making miniatures for dollshouses and I just started to build Frasers Ridge. I am ordering a geat miniature dollsmaker to make Jamie now
Skazka United States www  
Skip Spellman United States www  
skylar United States www  
Smitten Kitten Australia www He's the one!!!
SnookPothtoff United States www They are awesome and who couldn't love Jamie Fraser? Every woman wants a man like him!
Sofaki Germany www I just love them
Sofia Finland www  
Sonja Finland www I'm just in Love...But I would not leave my husband for him 'vause he is everything I've ever wanted...Just like Jamie.Red hair and everything=)
sonn United Kingdom www  
Sonya Penzel United States www They are my favorite and I have them all
sonya United States www I stumbled upon the first book in a library. I was just browsing and went ahead and got it. I love them. I love jamie and roger. I love them all!
Sonya United States www thank you, ms. gabaldon for writing the perfect man!
Sookie Germany www  
Sophie Litalien Canada www This caracter is now a part of me!
Sophie Louise O'Callaghan United Kingdom www  
Sophie Porter New Zealand www I adore Jamie!! I love the firey red head thing...
Sophie Australia www This series has had me crying tears of both sadness and laughter. I wish I could read it again as though I have never read it before.
Soraya Marschner Germany www  
squeaky United States www Can we clone Jamie?
Stacey Davis United States www There will never be a real Jamie!
Stacey Henry United States www Jamie, to me, is the PERFECT man, and Diana is a PERFECT writer!
Stacey Rogers United States www I absolutely fell in love with Jamie and the whole series. It's like I'm really there, experiencing everything with them.
stacey Australia www  
stacey United States www  
Stacy Parahy France www  
Stacy United States www  
Stacy United States www Read every book three times!! I'm addicted!!
Starla United States www Jamie is every woman's fantasy.
Stefania Italy www  
Stefanie Pohl Germany www What a man!
Stefanie Germany www The best!!!
Steff United States www  
Steffi Gessler Germany www  
stella Italy www the perfect man... je suis prest for you jamie.....
Steph Hogle United States www I am addicted to these works of literary art! Cannot get them from my pastime of reading! Have parts of them memorized already!
steph United Kingdom www  
Stephanie Australia www  
Stephanie Lochner United States www  
Stephanie Mathena United States www LOVE HIM
Stephanie Rea United States www  
Stephanie United States www  
Stephanie United States www No real-life man could ever measure up to the fantasy of Jamie - I am so romatically ruined!!
Stephanie United States www  
Stephanie Canada www Jamie is so sexy and I wish all men were like him!
Stephanie Australia www I have finally found my own real life Jamie Fraser!
stephanie France www  
Stephen United States www Surprise! Men read Outlander too. Jamie is the kind of person all men can respect.
Stephi Germany www  
Sue A. United States www  
Sue Baker United States www I'm in love, hook, line and sinker!! Every women fantasy of what a real man is!
Sue Carter Moore United States www  
sue gibson New Zealand www You only have to say jamie to a room full of women and the smiles say it all
Sue Halverson United States www I'm totally addicted--thanks for such an intense, intriguing series of historical novels.
Sue Houston United States www  
sue United States www yummy
Sue Australia www sexy
Sue United States www LOVED Outlander Series...
sunny Japan www  
Susan Bear United States www  
Susan Bryson United States www  
Susan Chambers Canada www  
Susan Crum United States www  
Susan Devereux Williams United States www  
Susan Dilley United Kingdom www Brilliant books, can't wait for the next one.
Susan Foster Australia www Loved every word of every book. More please!!!
Susan K. United States www  
Susan Kester United States www  
Susan LaSalla United States www  
Susan Lemery United States www I feel like I know Jamie & Claire...this is my 2nd time reading the series!!
Susan Loehn United States www Reading these books is like walking through the standing stones. I did not want to come back.
Susan Newcomb United States www  
Susan Perkins United States www  
Susan Phillips United States www I am an avid reader of all types of books, yet I can read Diana's Books over & over and NEVER tire of them. They are my favorite!
Susan Reece United States www This is the most incredible series that I have ever read. If Jamie were a real person, he would have me swooning over him!
Susan Reece United States www This is the most intriguing novel series I have ever read!!!
SUSAN ROBERTS Canada www I am really enjoying this series of books, They were recommened to me by my mom & I have a hard time putting them down !
Susan Simons United States www I am anxiously awaiting the next book after Snow and Ashes!!!
Susan Snyder United States www the best I ever read
Susan Warner United States www He's everything I would want and more!!!
Susan Wyatt United States www Just reread the series and am dying for the new book in September. I'm lost without Jamie and Claire in my life right now!
Susan Young United States www I love them, and I love Jamie!
Susan United States www These books get better with each reading
susan United States www  
Susan United States www California
susan United States www  
susan United States www can't read them fast enough!
susan United States www He is undoubtedly the most perfect man
Susan Canada www  
Susana Garcia Morado Spain www I'm completely in love with Jamie...
Susana Izquierdo Spain www es genial!!!
Susanna Switzerland www  
Susanna Sweden www He's an amazing man!
Susanne Germany www  
Susanne Warneck Germany www  
suse Germany www  
susie bellamy United Kingdom www They permeate your life recalling honour a flash of humour,drama passion and above all love.
Suveda Switzerland www  
Suvi Finland www I love Diana Gabaldon's books and espesially Jamie!=)
Suz Canada www Love them to death!
Suzanne Australia www The Outlander series are the first books I have not been able to put down in years.
Suzanne Holstein United States www  
Suzanne Simpson United States www Och... But what a fun diversion our Lady Gabaldon has shared with us.
Suzanne United States www I am just now starting my 6th round of reading all of the books and I enjoy them more with each time
Suzanne United States www I fell in love with Jamie Fraser almost instantly and have only met one man who is the very like - and he is Scottish as well.
Suzi Gwinn United States www I am addicted!!
Suzy Riedesel United States www I stumbled upon this series by accident. This is one accident that I am not sorry for! I absolutely love these books!
suzy United States www Jamie Fraser, what's not to love
Suzy United States www  
Svjetlana Konta Germany www  
Sydney United States www Diana Gabaldon is a talented author who has changed my life with her heatfelt tales of love, history and time travel all of which are phenomenal!
Sylvia Estigarribia Brazil www Jamie Fraser. Oh boy. Who doesn't love Jamie?
Sylvia Gagnon Canada www l'homme parfait...Quoi dire de plus...inoubliable,fantasmagorique
Sylvia N. Germany www I think we all agree - there IS no better man than Jamie! The only problem is - how do we make him real? Sigh.
Sylvia Sturgis United States www Easily some of the best I've ever read.
Sylvia Vance United States www The most addicting characters ever written
Sylvie Gagnon Canada www Wow, l'Homme rv !
Sylvie Canada www Si seulement il tait vrai ...
T Martin New Zealand www I have fallen in love with a fictional character in a book, what an excellent writer Diana is , loved it.
Tait United States www ISO my version of Jamie!
Taj Taylor Canada www I love Jamie Fraser!
Tam Australia www  
Tamar Lisa Hughson United Kingdom www Wow!
Tamara Rose United States www What a total man!
Tamatha Klus United States www What can I say. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM!!!
Tamera Lynn Fraser United States www Ca
Tami Eager United States www Jamie Fraser made me cry last night...AGAIN!
Tami Germany www I really love the series of Books. I laughed and I cried. The first and the third book are my favorites. Jamie is the greatest character. What a man!
Tammy United States www Jamie is my favorite character/hero and the Outlander series has quickly become my favorite series. :o) Yay.
Tammy M. Canada www Is obsession a bad thing? Totally inlove with Jamie!
tammy thornhill United Kingdom www fantastic. The best books i have ever read and i read a lot !!!
tammy Canada www  
Tangela Stanley United States www I am a fanatic about these books!
Tanja Hildebrandt Germany www Je suis prest, too! So where do I find such a man?
Tanja Matthews Canada www My heart palpitates!
Tanja Germany www  
Tanni Germany www ...simply wonderful, breathless... I love him...
Tanya United States www I know this man time...and is waiting for me!
Tanya United States www  
Tara Starforce Sweden www outlander was a fantastic surprise when my friend recommended it to me. One of the absolutley best books I have ever read... Jamie is an ideal man...
Tara Ward Canada www  
Tarja Finland www  
Tatiana Ayrosa Brazil www Jamie Fraser is the most perfect man in the entire world!
Tatiana Eguizabal United States www I have to remind myself constantly that he's a fictional character from a book!!
Te Ao Hoani Australia www The ultimate read. James... I know he's fictional but damn what a man. You've made it sort of difficult for the mere mortal male, Claire. Ah
Tee United States www  
Tegan Scott United States www  
Tegan United States www Thanks to the perfection of Jamie Fraser, I'll never marry...
teressa de Schweinitz United States www he is the most fascinating and fantastic character in any book I have ever read.
Teri Brook United Kingdom www I am obsessed with them all!
Terra Ciurro United States www Devotee since 1999...
Terri R United States www Love Jamie & the Outlander Books!!!
Terri Thompson United States www How did Claire get so lucky? What I wouldn't do to find a man like him!
Terry R United States www I can read about him over and over and over......
Terry United States www  
Tessa L. Burkhamer Afghanistan www  
Tessy Canada www I have been in love with Jamie since Outlander!
Thais M Canton New Zealand www he is just the best ever! so gentle, and sweet, and handsome and (...). love all the books. JAMIE IS THE MAN!!!!
Thais Brazil www  
Theresa Renault New Zealand www I fell in love with him during Dragonfly in Amber
Therese M. Olsson Sweden www Wonderful...
Therese United States www Best series I have ever read, or care to read. I miss Jamie and Claire now that I've finished them all!
Therse Sweden www Outstanding!
THIESIA GAFFNEY United States www I read Voyager first (in 03') and the story stuck in my head for a year. During the time when the movie MASTER AND COMMANDER was released.
thurston williams United States www please don't let them draw Jamie in the way they show!
Tiffany United States www  
Tiina Heino Finland www  
Tiina Finland www lovely books but in Finland the translation is only in book 2
Tina Burden United States www Jamie has to be the sexiest Red head in the world!
Tina Buxbaum United States www I love them all!
Tina Dolter Canada www I'm addicted to this series! Constantly trying to imagine the proper actor to play Jamie. Now on book 4; only started book 1 two months ago.
Tina Glen United Kingdom www  
Tina Hofmann Germany www Hes the greatest!
Tina Siemons United States www I love the stories and the characters, they are all terrific
Tina United Kingdom www  
Tina Germany www  
Tina United States www  
tina Germany www  
Tina Germany www  
Tine Germany www  
TJ ADEBIYI United Kingdom www It is a shame that men like Jamie no longer exist. He is wonderfully sensual, responsible, and strong. the perfect husband.!
Tobi United States www I love the Outlander series and Jamie especially.
Toinett South Africa www The absolute perfect man. I can go on and on but what's he point. He's NOT real....and that is the SAD PART!!!!!!! **SIGH**
Tomi Emmerick United States www I'd gladly travel back in time if I'd get to have Jamie love me!
tommy Japan www I wish he was real!! I love him
Tomoko Japan www Jamie is the gratest hero ever!
toni Australia www  
Tori Blusiewicz United States www I'm only on Voyager but my goal is to be finished with the entire series by the time I start school again in the Fall. Jamie is real!
Torrie Coburn United States www  
Tracey Campbell United States www WOW
Traci United States www  
Tracy Canada www I wish I could Find a Jamie!!
Tracy B. Barber United States www  
Tracy Belbusti United States www The best I have ever read
Tracy Brooks United States www Where have all the good me gone?
Tracy Maddox United States www I <3 these books and Jamie!
Tracy Moan United States www  
tracy United States www  
Treva London United States www Jaimie makes me wish time travel was really possible!!!!1
Tricia Wall United States www I love Jamie but it makes me somewhat sad because I wonder if their is a guy out there like him. If their is I hope to find him.
Tricia United States www The Outlander books are one of the best series I have ever read and while reading these books who could not help to fall in love with Jamie.
Trish Young New Zealand www  
trixiara United Kingdom www  
Troy Riggs United States www My favorite ever, a piece of history, timeless passion and characters that breathe on the page. Jamie is my ideal man, if I could dream one up!
Udo Eimers Germany www Jamie Rules!
Ursula Germany www gotta luv jamie ^_^
Val Mody Canada www What can I say except that I'm in love with the character.
Val Trammell United States www Love these books. Really love Jamie. Daughter-in-law introduced me, and am passing it among all my friends, whoare all around 50 yrs old.
Val Trammell United States www love all the books,especially Voyager, and or course Outlander. Saw Diana in Seattle in Sept.
Valeria Gatto Argentina www  
valeria Argentina www  
Valeria Argentina www La mejor saga!
valeria Argentina www  
Valerie United States www  
Valerie Canada www I LOVE OUTLANDER.It's the best serie ever.AND JAMIE IS FANTASTIC!!!
valo Argentina www It's been 3 years since I read the first books and I cant get them off my head.
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Vanessa South Africa www Absolutely awesome!! The lives of Jamie and Claire have inspired me to live a life of worth, and honour the love in my life with passion!
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vanessa Canada www Huge fan, why does someone like Jamie have to be make believe???
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wendy United States www  
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