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If you are a fan of the tv character Walt Longmire, you are gonna love the book series written by Craig Johnson. The tv series is based on his books, after all. :) I (the webmistress of this site) am an avid reader, bookworm, bookoholic (or maybe that would be e-bookoholic now?) ... you get the idea. I picked up the first novel in early July 2012 after watching the first episodes aired in June 2012 and didn't stop until finishing up the last one about six weeks later. I've never spent so much on e-books in such a short amount of time and they were worth every penny. I am anxiously awaiting for Craig Johnson to write more stories about Walt, Vic, Henry, Cady, et al.

Folks, get your Walt Longmire fix below...

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Promo written for As the Crow Flies (read between #7 and #8)

Longmire for Sheriff!

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