Edward Woodward in The Equalizer
Edward Woodward
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AM Cawley United Kingdom www An amazing actor. In a class of his own.
borelioza Poland www  
brido United Kingdom www edward woodward as robert mccall was the greatest most brutal and charming p.i/ that ever and will ever grace the box,absolute National treasur
Carys Kilkelly United Kingdom www Thanks for starting this list hope it grows!
Christine Staniforth United Kingdom www Have loved him since Callan
Clair United States www He's such a brilliant actor and I admire his wonderful voice. My favorite EW performances are in The Wicker Man and The Equalizer.
deb2740 United States www  
Denise Australia www Love the man. Pity we dont see more of him. Has magnificent singing voice
Diane Graebner United States www  
Diane Graebner United States www Wonderful actor and one of my favorite singers as well! Multi-talented all around!
Eileen Lloyd Australia www  
Eileen Lloyd Australia www  
Elisabeth Austria www Wonderful man,wonderful and great actor
Evelyn United States www I love he sound of his voice
Evelyn United States www I miss seeing him on TV something fierce!
Gabby J Bratt United States www Wonderful man,wonderful actor.
Greg Klebanoff United States www Love Edward Woodward. Long one of my favorite actors. He will be missed.
Greg Klebanoff United States www I have been a fan for decades.
Hime Indonesia www  
Jim M. United States www  
Jordanna United States www  
Kevin Davis United States www I led one of the original groups in 1985. We were "The FEW" "Fans of E. W." We gathered every Wed. night with salsa and beer. Miss those days
Linda. Goodswin United Kingdom www I am a big fan of Edward Woodward
Linda United States www  
lisi Austria www  
lynn brown United Kingdom www im sorry to hear that edward has died.he was a brillant actor.xx
Lynnzie Stirling United Kingdom www A great actor and a fantastic singer too
Mary Louise West United Kingdom www  
Michael Wallace United States www Truly one of the greatest !
Michael United Kingdom www  
Micky Miranda Germany www  
Priscilla Calanni United States www So talented. He could play any part and make it his own.
Priscilla Calanni United States www  
Riho United States www  
S. Edwards United Kingdom www The anivesary
Scott Palmer United States www To a fine gentlemen. You'll be missed greatly
shane knight United Kingdom www  
Shawn Cullen United Kingdom www Still miss the man.
Sheila United Kingdom www  
Sherri Stonesifer United States www  
Simon Kirkpatrick United Kingdom www  
Teresa Sellers United States www awsome man and actor
Thomas M. Photos United States www  
Tom Hawkey United States www  
Toxic Germany www  
Tracey Evans United States www  
vernon chism United States www  
Werner Van Den Bogaert Belgium www a great actor and personality, so sad he passed away today

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