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Photo of Christian & Alex CranmerFamily Guns is National Geographic Channel’s reality series about the family-run military antiques and collectibles business,International Military Antiquies International Military Antiques (IMA). IMA was founded in 1981 by Christian Cranmer, a British-born international authority on antique weapons. His American son, Alex, joined the business in 2004. Their corporate office is located in Gillette, New Jersey, USA.

My family and I (the webmistress of this site) have thoroughly enjoyed watching Family Guns. We're history buffs and my husband has been a collector of antique, replica, and modern firearms and weapons for 40+ years. After watching Christian and Alex battle over collecting vs selling on the show, I now have a much greater appreciation and understanding for my hubby's penchant [obsession] for collecting so he probably has Christian Cranmer to thank for slightly less nagging from me about selling some of his collection. ☺ Thank goodness we don't have the funds, acreage, or zoning for a cannon or he would be ordering one of those from IMA!

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